GlobalSecurity2 This Centre draws on the long standing research strengths in Keele in areas of international relations, global politics, political economy and international history. The Centre brings together researchers working in these related areas, and acts as a focus point for discussion, collaboration, support and the development of future research.

The Centre is inter-disciplinary, and is committed to new methodologies that enable researchers to rethink traditional paradigms. Our research uses and develops methods from history, critical security studies, feminist approaches to international relations, political economy, literary and cultural studies, psychoanalysis, sociology and anthropology, political and human geographies.

Research in the Centre is centred around five main themes:

  • Security
  • International History and Diplomacy
  • Global Political Economy
  • War, Gender and Culture
  • International Environmental Politics

The themes reflect the breadth of our research interests; and we are linked also to research at Keele in Environment, Politics, History, Sociology, Geography and Criminology.

The Centre is home to research students working in a variety of areas. It hosts regular research seminars and work-in-progress papers. The Centre reflects teaching at Keele at undergraduate level in International Relations and Politics; and at MA level in International Relations, Global Security, Diplomatic Studies, European Politics and Environmental Politics. The Centre welcomes contact from researchers working in related areas, and from prospective doctoral students or Masters or undergraduate students interested in study in SPIRE.