PTY-20047 - Rehabilitation in Sport (Level 5)
Coordinator: Katie Brown Tel: +44 1782 7 32938
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Level: Level 5
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office:

Programme/Approved Electives for 2021/22


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Description for 2021/22

This module complements the programme content introduced in Level 4 and in Level 5 in relation to the science of rehabilitation. The focus of this module is rehabilitation in sport; it will develop the student's understanding of the sports rehabilitation process, prevention and management of sports injuries and the impact of sports injuries, both physical and psychological.

To develop the student's understanding of:
The sports rehabilitation process.
Prevention and management of sports injuries.
The impact of sports injuries, both physical and psychological.

Intended Learning Outcomes

describe and explain the components of the sports injury rehabilitation process.
: 1,

Classify common sports injuries and describe the effect of injury on the musculoskeletal system;: 1,

describe the elements of a basic sports injury assessment;: 1,

describe an outline structured approach to the management of sports injuries including the role of exercise interventions;: 1,

summarise the psychological effects of long term injury.: 1,

discuss the importance of a multidisciplinary team approach to sports injury rehabilitation;: 1,

describe and explain the principles of sports injury prevention.: 1,

Study hours

30 tutor led hours which may include lectures, practical classes and workshops, seminars, tutorials and two hours of assessment preparation classes etc.
120 hours of independent study.

School Rules

Successful completion of a minimum of 105 credits of the BSc (Hons) Rehabilitation Science at Level 4, normally at Keele University.

Description of Module Assessment

1: Presentation weighted 100%
Twenty minute individual presentation
The student will give an individual presentation for 15 minutes which will be followed by 5 minutes of examiner questions. The presentation will provide an overview of a common sports injury and describe [an] appropriate evidence-based approach/es to its rehabilitation.