PIR-20065 - The Practice of Politics
Coordinator: Matthew D Wyman Room: N/A Tel: +44 1782 7 33756
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Level: Level 5
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
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Programme/Approved Electives for 2019/20


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Description for 2019/20

This module is designed to be useful for anyone who wants to better prepare themselves for life after Keele. It is especially designed for students who are thinking of work involving politics or public service more broadly speaking, but it could be of use whatever direction students see themselves taking.
There are three main areas addressed.
1. Employability and career development education:
* What jobs are available to me?
* How do I find out about them?
* How do I decide what to do next?
* How can I improve my chances of succeeding with applications to graduate jobs (successful CV writing, interview and assessment centre techniques) ?
2. Personal and professional development: the module focuses on the broad concept of emotional intelligence, that is to say techniques for you to understand and to manage better yourself and people who you find yourself working or living with. In other words the module aims to help you to improve your motivation, resilience, people skills, communication skills and other key life skills.
3. Political practice: through developing these techniques and skills the module material is designed to help you to become a more effective change agent.

The module has three interrelated aims:
1. Career development education: to enable students to develop a knowledge of the graduate labour market for social science students, techniques for career decision making, and the range of transition skills needed to gain, secure and change jobs
2. Personal and professional development: to raise awareness of the components of emotional intelligence, that is self awareness, awareness of others, self-management and management of others
3. Political practice: through the above, to become a more effective change agent

Talis Aspire Reading List
Any reading lists will be provided by the start of the course.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Articulate their current strengths, skills, areas for development, personal values and priorities: 1,2,3
Apply the concept of emotional intelligence to reflect on their performance, and their effectiveness in dealing with personal challenges, including using appropriate techniques from the course materials: 2
Demonstrate the ability to produce a CV and covering letter appropriate for application to graduate jobs: 1
Articulate a career plan, setting out intended directions, and outlining next steps: 3
Research appropriate career options, including details of the nature of the work and current entry routes: 3

Study hours

24 hours workshops
10 hours preparation for workshops
116 hours completion of assessment

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Exercise weighted 35%
CV and covering letter
CV (2 sides) and covering letter (1 side max) matched to assigned person specification and job description

2: Reflective Analysis weighted 35%
Reflection on Emotional Intelligence
1500 word reflection on a critical incident designed to explore aspects of emotional intelliengence

3: Personal Development weighted 30%
Career plan
1500 word career plan exploring specified possible career next steps, entry routes, the nature of the job, and exploring the match with personal strengths, values and priorities