PAR-40033 - Introduction to Clinical Education
Lecture Time:
Level: Level 7
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 733928

Programme/Approved Electives for 2024/25


Available as a Free Standing Elective






Barred Combinations


Description for 2024/25

The module aims to introduce learners to the discipline of medical education and support their development as medical educators through critical reflection and use of educational theory and scholarship.
Adopting a blended learning approach, this module will span the duration of the postgraduate certificate in medical education and will utilise peer reflection groups to establish a community of developing educators.
This module will utilise a reflective portfolio mapped to the Academy of Medical Educators' professional standards for medical, dental and veterinary educators (2014).

Intended Learning Outcomes

design and plan student learning activities and/or programmes of study, to achieve the intended learning outcomes: 3
teach and/or support student learning, based on a critical evaluation of current learning theories: 3
assess student and peer work and give feedback to promote learning: 2,3
describe the principles of critical appraisal: 3
critically appraise medical education research papers: 1,3
critically evaluate their own teaching including use of feedback from learners and peers to develop appropriate approaches, use of technologies, methods and theory: 3,4
identify and reflect on learning needs that emerge through experience and generate plans to meet learning needs: 3,4
apply reflective models derived from the literature to structure their reflective accounts: 3,4
support reflections through citing appropriate literature, theories and concepts drawn from a range of sources: 3,4
demonstrate reflection for action through analysis of teaching encounters: 3,4
provide constructive feedback to peers on their reflections and educational development: 2,3
evaluate their developing professional identity as medical educators: 1,3,4

Study hours

Pre-course learning activities: 5 hours
One day face to face teaching : 7 hours
Peer reflection group activities: 3 hours
Formative essay: 10 hours
Peer feedback on formative essay: 5 hours
Completion of reflective portfolio (including feedback discussions): 100 hours
Reflective analysis on development as a medical educator: 20 hours

School Rules

Barred module combination: PAR-40021 The reflective clinical teacher.
Applicants should be graduate, or equivalent, health professionals preparing for or currently engaged in teaching.

Description of Module Assessment