LSC-30055 - Biomedical Engineering
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Level: Level 6
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 734414

Programme/Approved Electives for 2024/25


Available as a Free Standing Elective






Barred Combinations


Description for 2024/25

Biomedical engineering is rapidly changing, progressive field. You will learn how knowledge of physiological measurements, biosensors, biomaterials, bioimaging and biomechanics can be used to develop new medical devices, transforming patient care.
This is a cross-disciplinary field that will be of particular interest to you if you are considering work in primary care, rehabilitation, neuroscience or medicinal chemistry. The interdisciplinary skills that you will develop would also prove useful for postgraduate study and a broad range of employers.

The aim of this module is to provide students with essential engineering principles which can be applied to the development of medical devices and materials for diagnostics and treatment purpose.
This module will introduce diverse knowledge and technologies across the biomedical field to cover the underlying principles of engineering, physics, materials, imaging and biology. Students will be introduced to the most contemporary advances in biomedical engineering and some of the obstacles yet to be overcome.

Intended Learning Outcomes


Study hours

Active learning:
19x 1-hour in-situ lectures/tutorials
2x 1-hour workshop
10x 2-hour engagement with asynchronous content
Independent study:
2 hour unseen exam
28 hours of private study: assessment preparation for lay article
79 hours independent study and preparation for open-book examination

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Assignment weighted 25%
A concise, 500-word article designed for a layperson
Concise, 500-word assignment. Students will write an article to describe a new, contemporary medical device or technique. The article should be written in the style of a newspaper report or popular magazine where the targeted readership is the general public.

2: Open Book Examination weighted 75%
2-hour, online open book exam to be taken within a 28-hour window
The paper will be released on KLE as a Word document at 9am on the morning of the exam. You will be asked to write two essays from a choice of four questions. Students should answer each question using Word, clearly labelling each question as they provide their answers. Work will be submitted to Turnitin no later than 1pm on the day following the KLE release date. International students will be asked to notify the School if they need an extension due to different time zones. Although students have been given significant time to complete this exam script, we expect most students to spend no more than 2 hours. Answers should be as accurate and concise as possible. For essay-based questions, typical answers would be in the range of 500-750 words per question. We recommend that students do not exceed 750 words per essay-based question as we will be assessing the quality of your answer, not the quantity.