LAW-40064 - COVID-19 in law, policy, and practice
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Level: Level 7
Credits: 30
Study Hours: 300
School Office: 01782 733218

Programme/Approved Electives for 2022/23


Available as a Free Standing Elective






Barred Combinations


Description for 2022/23

The module aims to enhance the students┐ understanding of the impact, and unique challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has had on areas of law, policy and practice. The module will enhance the students┐ understanding and appreciation for legal and ethical problems through the lens of this unique, contemporary problem. The module offers a range of expertise and perspectives, ensuring students┐ benefit from an interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional approach to studying the impact of the pandemic.

Intended Learning Outcomes

critically evaluate the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on a variety of legal, ethical and policy issues: 1
identify relevant ethical and/or legal principles and demonstrate understanding of these by using them to evaluate and critique arguments and positions encountered in the literature: 1
critically evaluate and appraise differing opinions in the theoretical and ethical debates and issues surrounding public health law: 1
synthesise findings into a logical argument that explicitly addresses the assignment question, and defend the argument against foreseeable criticisms: 1
communicate complex issues and arguments in a clear and structured manner: 1

Study hours

Interactive lecture/seminar sessions:17
Individual discussions with tutor (face-to-face and/or via electronic communications): 1
Background reading: 100
Preparation of assignment plan: 20
Assignment research and writing: 162

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Essay weighted 100%
5,000 word essay/submission to public inquiry on COVID-19
Students will be offered a choice of assessment method: 1) Produce an essay from a list of essay questions provided. 2) Produce a piece of coursework in the style of a submission to a fictionalised COVID-19 public inquiry. Each assessment method has a 5,000 word limit. Guidance on essay writing, and writing for public inquiries will be provided as part of the module.