LAW-10023 - Torts 1 - Foundations
Coordinator: Laura G Pritchard-Jones Tel: +44 1782 7 33861
Lecture Time: See Timetable...
Level: Level 4
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 733218

Programme/Approved Electives for 2019/20


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Description for 2019/20

Had an accident? Want some'compo'? Real law in the real world - that's tort. Why is there a duty to care for your 'neighbour'? Why are insurers so important in tort law? How do the courts approach difficult problems such as compensating for psychiatric injury? This module will tackle some of these real and difficult questions and introduce you to possibly the most important area of private law within the English legal system today.

To provide an introduction to the civil wrongs through study of the principles underlying the Tort of Negligence. The module will provide students with a comprehensive overview of a challenging area of private law.

Talis Aspire Reading List
Any reading lists will be provided by the start of the course.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate familiarity with the basic principles of Tort of Negligence: 1,

Demonstrate a critical perspective on key areas of Negligence.
: 1,

Demonstrate problem solving technique and an ability to apply legal principles and case law to problem-based scenarios.
: 1,

Demonstrate an ability to analyse, discuss and critically evaluate key cases and legal principles.: 1,

Study hours

Lectures: 10 x 2 hours
Seminars: 8 hours (including formative)
Seminar preparation: 47 hours
Exam preparation and directed reading 75 hours.
Total = 150 hours

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Exam weighted 100%
Two hour exam
Students must answer a problem question and one essay question. There is a choice of three essay questions.