ENL-90005 - Advanced Business English Communication
Lecture Time: See Timetable...
Level: Level 4
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 733960

Programme/Approved Electives for 2024/25


Available as a Free Standing Elective





Barred Combinations

Any other ENL- module (English Language module) in the same academic year.

Description for 2024/25

In this highly competitive climate you need something to set you apart from others. This module will provide you with the specialist knowledge and professional communication skills you will require if you wish to pursue a career in business.
This highly practical module will build upon and complement your existing language skills by working on themes such as negotiating strategies and presenting visual information. Revision of essential grammatical structures and functional areas of language as well as building a subject-specific bank of key words will provide you with the confidence to engage fluently and competently in a variety of business contexts.

To enable students to have the linguistic confidence to engage competently within an English-speaking business context.

Intended Learning Outcomes

utilise appropriate language within a business context/express business concepts in English;: 1,2,

produce clear and linguistically accurate written pieces of communication within a business context;: 1,

research, prepare and produce a presentation of professional content designed to inform or persuade an audience;: 1,2,

respond to unprepared questions on a topic that has been researched and prepared;: 2,

develop techniques and strategies to communicate personal ideas effectively within a group.: 1,2,

Study hours

22 hours classwork time-hour lectures
70 hours pre-class preparation and formative coursework
58 hours assignment preparation

School Rules

Open only to THIRD-YEAR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH on successful completion of AEB2 or EAP4; or AEB1 or EAP3 with a score of over 56%; or equivalent.

Description of Module Assessment

1: Workbook weighted 80%
5 linked writing tasks based on a business project
Five linked writing tasks related to a business context including emails, formal letters, proposals, reports.

2: Coursework weighted 20%
Individual business presentation
Individual 5 minute pecha kucha style presentation.