ENL-10044 - Academic English for International Governance 1
Coordinator: Russell D Clark Room: CBB0.027 Tel: +44 1782 7 34293
Lecture Time: See Timetable...
Level: Level 4
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 733960

Programme/Approved Electives for 2021/22


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Description for 2021/22

This module will help you further develop critical skills and analytical ability, focusing on the skills of critical understanding, analysis, evaluation and synthesis of complex information. You will continue to develop the ability to identify appropriate source material, and incorporate complex argumentation and reasoning into written and spoken texts. In this module you will be given extensive guidance and feedback on every stage of the writing process, as well as develop a bank of subject-specific academic vocabulary.

This module further develops the students┐ language skills, both productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (reading and listening) in support of the academic modules that are studied throughout level 4. These skills are essential in order to ensure that a student is able to perform at their best in these modules and to continue develop the language foundation that was started during the International Foundation Programme.

Intended Learning Outcomes

access the subject-specific vocabulary necessary for successful engagement with their studies: 1,2,3
demonstrate an awareness of the conventions and practices of communicating in English at undergraduate level: 1,3
demonstrate skills in reading and writing in accordance with the conventions of their discipline: 3
demonstrate a proficiency in information retrieval and analysis through research for seminars and project work: 2,3
demonstrate an ability to apply key writing skills appropriately in relation to academic essay writing: 3
demonstrate an ability to present and discuss ideas through seminars and presentations: 1

Study hours

24 hours class time (one 2- hour class x 12 weeks)
24 hours class preparation
24 hours workbook completion
48 hours group essay preparation
30 hours presentation and delivery

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Coursework weighted 30%
Group presentation
In groups of normally four students will deliver a 20-minute presentation on a subject to be negotiated with the module tutor.

2: Workbook weighted 30%
Lexical Activator
The workbook will exist as an online platform and will be built on the following process. - Weekly entry comprising of 20 high and mid frequency subject -specific academic lexical items. Initially chosen by tutors but later by students to encourage learner independence. Thematic grouping of vocabulary will aid understanding. - Check list of lexical analysis (Part of speech, grammar, pronunciation, usage, collocation)

3: Essay weighted 40%
Normally in pairs, students will write a 1500 word essay synthesising different source materials, including quantitative data sets, in order to draw conclusions on a given topic. The essay will be produced in three stages: Stage 1 (summary -worth 30%): each student reviews a different, given collection of source materials from which to select, interrogate and summarise conclusions. Stage 2 (draft essay - worth 30%): students work in pairs to draft the essay by combining and synthesising summaries. Stage 3 (final essay - worth 40%),:pairs incorporate stage 2 teacher feedback and submit final essay.