ENG-30069 - Creative Writing: Portfolio - ISP
Coordinator: James Sheard Tel: +44 1782 7 33302
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Level: Level 6
Credits: 30
Study Hours: 300
School Office: 01782 733147

Programme/Approved Electives for 2024/25


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Description for 2024/25

This module gives students the opportunity to plan and develop an extended creative writing project. The exact nature of the project will be negotiated with the course tutor but students may wish to produce a collection of poems or short stories, or a longer piece of prose fiction or part of a novel. The project extends over two semesters. In Semester 1, workshops and discussion groups support the writer in reading relevant works and planning their eventual portfolio of writing, as well as offering the chance to get critical feedback on early draft pieces of writing. By the end of this semester, the student will have drawn up a Creative Brief, which identifies the scope and intention of the creative work to be completed in the second Semester. In Semester 2, the student writes a Portfolio of poetry or prose fiction with a unifying theme or idea, supported by regular writers' workshops and supervision by a staff member who is a practising writer in the relevant medium.
To be able to undertake the module, it is recommended that students will have completed the Creative Writing module in Year 2 or have studied Creative Writing in some other context. If neither of these are the case, consult the Module Convenor for advice. It will be assumed that students will have developed some ability to write poetry, prose fiction or both, and to have an idea for a sustainable writing project. Students will have the opportunity to workshop work in progress and to get critical feedback from fellow students. The assessment will be through the production of a portfolio of creative work (even though it may consist of one major piece of work) and a shorter critical essay on creative writing practice and/or a critical commentary.

To enable students to research an aspect of literary practice with a view to locating their own creative work in that practice.
To enable students to develop a portfolio of original writing which is in a single medium (prose or poetry), and which is a unified work.
To enable students critically to locate their own creative practice within existing traditions and contemporary writing.
To enable students to write in a critical-reflective style on their own practice.

Intended Learning Outcomes

plan and develop creative work to a creative brief: 1
produce a substantial piece, or collection, of creative writing in a single medium and with a unifying element: 1
reflect critically on their own creative practice and locate it within existing literature: 2
be practised in the giving and receiving of critical feedback on their own writing and the writing of their peers.: 2
engage in reading which identifies writerly practice and identifies literary antecedents: 2

Study hours

Workshops 12 hours
Supervision 4 hours
Research 220 hours
Writing 64 hours

School Rules

None - although completion of Level II module in creative writing recommended (see marketing description).

Description of Module Assessment

1: Portfolio weighted 80%
A portfolio of original writing
Students will produce a portfolio of orginal writing in a single medium (poetry or prose) and with a unified structure or theme (e.g. a single piece of writing; a sequence; a set of pieces exploring a particular device etc.) The Portfolio will be 6000-8000 of prose words, or 12-15 poems.

2: Commentary weighted 20%
A critical commentary on the portfolio
A 2000 word commentary which explains the literary contexts of the portfolio work, and which reflects critically on the strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio.