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Level: Level 6
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
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Programme/Approved Electives for 2018/19

Education Dual Honours (Level 6)
Education Major (Level 6)
Education Single Honours (Level 6)

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Barred Combinations


Description for 2018/19

The students in this module will work with the Ogden Outreach Officer at Keele on a number of outreach and education programmes for schools (primary, secondary and nurseries). The outreach officer runs an established outreach and training programme for schools in Staffordshire, providing workshops, events and educational training sessions on Keele campus and in schools. Education students will be working with the outreach officer as teaching assistants, helping with organisation, administration and design of learning activities for visiting students or for students in schools. They will also be present during the events, assisting school pupils in learning and completion of the assigned activities. Education students will be provided with opportunities for `hands-on┐ experience in classroom or classroom-like settings. They will also begin to develop their skills as education administrators and education developers through a range of admin tasks.

To enable students to gain work-based experience in teaching nursery, primary or secondary pupils but also in developing learning materials and education administration.
To enable students to experience, recognize and develop skills, attributes and professional capabilities that are necessary in the educational workplace.
To enhance students┐ understanding of the realities of working with school pupils and classroom management.
To enable students to make connections between theoretical knowledge/ academic perspectives on education and processes/practices/policies that exist in educational work environments.

Talis Aspire Reading List
Any reading lists will be provided by the start of the course.

Intended Learning Outcomes

evaluate personal learning gained from an educational work-based learning experience, drawing on academic theory acquired as part of the Education degree programme: 1,2
develop an understanding of key requirements for professional teaching practice as laid down by the professional and statutory bodies: 1,2
have a practice-informed understanding of the professional qualities expected of teachers in the education workplace.: 1,2
consolidate and transfer prior learning into a work-related setting: 1,2


Study hours

150 hours
- 22 hours ┐ support of school events (approximately, this is estimated based on participation in at least one-day event (or equivalent) ┐ 10 hours, preparation for the event, organisation ┐ 12 hours)
- 20 hours ┐ admin experience - this is also part of students' placement as they will be working with the Hub team on a number of administrative tasks in preparation for each school placement event
- 8 hours ┐ lecture/seminar time (content to support students┐ work at the Hub and preparation for assessments. Lectures/seminars will cover such topics as Reflective Writing (2 hours), Lesson planning (2 hours), Classroom Management (2 hours), Preparation for Assessments (2 hours)
- 50 hours ┐ preparation of Assessment 1 ┐ Workshop (including reading)
- 50 hours ┐ preparation of Assessment 2 ┐ Written Reflection (including reading)

School Rules

No students should be barred from selecting this module but students who applied for the Placement Module at Level 5 and were rejected due to lack of places should be given priority.
Any other students (apart from those who were rejected at level 5): priority will be given to students who are taking Education as a dual honours, single honours and major degree subject and to incoming study abroad/international students taking education as part of their degree programme.

Description of Module Assessment

1: Assignment weighted 50%
Workshop (submitted as lesson plan)
Preparation of workshop that could be delivered as part of the Hub┐s school and outreach programmes ┐ 50% (this would be submitted in a form of a fully developed lesson plan, including tasks in the classroom and any admin work that is required for preparation of classroom tasks) - 2000 words

2: Reflective Analysis weighted 50%
Written Reflection
Students to reflect on their experiences with working with school pupils in this module, writing a full reflection, following the Gibbs cycle of reflection and proposing an action plan for similar situations in the future - 2500 words