CSC-40050 - Research and Consultancy Skills
Coordinator: Amin Noroozi Fakhabi Room: CR042
Lecture Time: See Timetable...
Level: Level 7
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 733075

Programme/Approved Electives for 2023/24


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Description for 2023/24

Even the most technically gifted computing professionals need to communicate and plan effectively if their ideas are to be realised. There is also an increasing need for an understanding of the wider implications computing has on society and how legal and ethical issues relate to software development and deployment.
This module therefore aims to enhance students' skills and knowledge in areas such as communication and problem-solving skills; ethical, legal, and social issues; modern group working techniques specific to computing; design and management of research and consultancy activities, and selecting suitable formats and styles of presentation.
Students will be taught and supported by experts from within the School as well as invited speakers from industry and academia.

The module aims to enhance students' skills and knowledge in preparation for their MSc Project or Industrial Placement and for a successful career as a computing professional.
This module ¿will include a selection of appropriate communication and problem-solving skills; an evaluation of ethical, legal, and social issues; appraisal and application of management and group working techniques in computing.
The module will also enable students to design and manage research and consultancy activities with a focus on assessing sources and information (both professional and research-based) and selecting suitable formats and styles of presentation.

Intended Learning Outcomes


Study hours

Lectures 11 hours as active learning.
Tutorials 11 hours as active learning.
Group Workshops 4 hours as active learning.
Individual report 45 hours as independent study.
Group project presentation 40 hours as independent study.
Complementary research and reflective report 39 hours as independent study.

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Individual Report weighted 40%
Individual Report
Students are provided with a case study (either research or consultancy based) and must then evaluate and select appropriate communication and problem-solving techniques, and research/consultancy activities that address the given problem. The report will contain justifications for their approach, the design of a research/consultancy activity, and a discussion of relevant ethical and legal implications. The report should be the equivalent of 2500 words and presented in a style appropriate for the intended audience.

2: Coursework weighted 40%
Group Project Presentation
Students are provided with a case study and must work within a group to design and undertake an appropriate research or consultancy activity to address the given problem. The 30-minute group presentation will describe the group¿s approach and findings, including an appraisal of group working techniques. Students will be assessed on both the content and the effectiveness of the presentation. Each group is allocated a raw mark for the presentation, but then peer assessment is used to generate an individual mark for individual contribution to the content of the presentation.

3: Reflective Analysis weighted 20%
Reflective Report
An individual 1,000-word reflection on the student's progress during the module including their usage of communication and problem-solving¿ techniques, the impact of legal and ethical issues and working in a group. The reflection should include implications of these issues for future learning, including their application to the MSc Project or Industrial Placement. This reflection is based upon their experiences in both Assessment 1 and Assessment 2.