BFS-10003 - Chinese Political Thinking
Coordinator: Bulent Gokay Room: CBA2.002 Tel: +44 1782 7 33512
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Level: Level 4
Credits: 7.5
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Programme/Approved Electives for 2021/22


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Description for 2021/22

This module will introduce you to recurring debates and concepts within Chinese political thought. You will focus on the essential texts of Chinese political thinking, which continue to shape political debate in contemporary China. You will examine the variety of normative frameworks that have structured political thinking in Chinese history, with a particular focus on the relationship between personal agency and political outcomes.

The module aims:
to enable students to describe the main aspects of the history and philosophy of Chinese political thought;
to provide students with empirical knowledge and with the cognitive skills necessary to understand that information;
to develop students' understanding of the major trends in the history of Chinese political thought and their skills of political analysis through reading, lectures, participating in class activities, and preparing for the final exam.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Describe and evaluate the contribution of a range of classic Chinese political thinkers: 1
Explain the main developments in Chinese political thought over time: 1
Analyse and discuss primary sources (historical documents about the Chinese institutions and analytical studies on Chinese political thinking, as well as key documents on Chinese reform).: 1

Study hours

30 contact hours (15 hrs lectures + 10 hrs seminars + 5 hrs one-to-one supervision)
10 hours class preparation
10 hours preparation for Post-class work (test)
25 hours preparation for Final Exam

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Mixed Exam weighted 100%
Assessment for importing mark to Keele Student Record System. See Section F1 for separate assessment details.