LSC-30042 - Current Research Topics in Neuroscience
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Level: Level 6
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 734414

Programme/Approved Electives for 2023/24


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Description for 2023/24

Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing research areas with new concepts and ideas emerging all the time. Keeping track of these new areas is a challenging but rewarding task for the neuroscientist, especially those interested in deep knowledge of their subject and potentially interested in a research career. In this module you will learn about the most recent advances in selected fields of neuroscience and their implications. You will be expected to read journal articles on a specific topic and learn how to summarize and evaluate the subject area concisely, in the process developing a better understand of the subject and an ability to identify the key points and what they mean for the future of neuroscience.

To provide an in-depth grounding in a selection of relevant, current neuroscience research areas. To promote reflection on neuroscience as a discipline and its possible future directions.

Intended Learning Outcomes

demonstrate a deep knowledge of selected specific current research topics in neuroscience: 1,2
demonstrate skills in interpretation and comprehension of journal articles and associated lectures and how to summarize a current research topic concisely: 1,2
evaluate current understanding of selected specific research topics in neuroscience: 1,2

Study hours

18 Hours lectures
8 Hours tutorials
124 Hours private study

School Rules


Description of Module Assessment

1: Portfolio weighted 25%
A 750 word summary of allocated topic
This assessment relates to the first part of the portfolio. This will include one 750 word summary of an allocated topic.

2: Portfolio weighted 75%
A summary of two allocated research topics, and the reflective overview that must include all seven research topics.
This assessment relates to the second part of the portfolio. This will include two 750 word summaries of allocated topics and the 400 word reflective overview. This part is 1900 words in total. Each student will produce by the end of the module, a portfolio consisting evaluations of three of the allocated research topics (from the total of six topics, 750 word each) covered in the module. Students will be expected to summarise and demonstrate understanding of each topic and critically evaluate its importance in the present day and future neuroscience. There will be marking criteria available as well - specifically markers for information content, comprehension skills, evaluation of the topic in relation to previous work on it and its relationship with other research areas, clarity, conciseness, and good use of additional literature. The students will also be asked to include a reflective overview (400 word) of all seven research topics presented in the module indicating the relevance of the topics one to each other and to broader neuroscience themes and critical evaluation of likely future directions that might stem from them. Here, markers will look for the core idea(s), critical evaluation, conciseness, and clarity. The portfolio will be submitted in two parts. Initially only one topic write up will be submitted and with a reasonable time lag allowing learning from the first, submission feedback the second submission will be requested containing two remaining topics write ups and the reflective overview.