MUS-20046 - Chamber Music
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Level: Level 5
Credits: 15
Study Hours: 150
School Office: 01782 733147

Programme/Approved Electives for 2020/21


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Description for 2020/21

This module offers students the opportunity to form duos, ensembles, musical groups/bands and then research and find suitable repertoire. 'Groups' or 'ensembles' will be any collective from 'duos' upward in number and when established, they will be coached in the strategies and techniques of rehearsal.
During the weekly workshop sessions students will take part actively both as performers and critical listeners to their peers in preparation of the groups/ensembles/bands performances. Students will commit to the success of the collaborative work of the group/band/ensemble.
The final assessed recital at the end of the module is open to all, offering the chance for friends and family to attend, and each student will contribute 15 minutes, playing in one or two different ensembles.

To investigate and explore repertoire from classical, jazz, pop, rock canon and to develop the rehearsal, performance, listening and critical skills involved in ensemble/group playing.

Intended Learning Outcomes

show musical sensitivity and understanding, including an awareness of styles demonstrated through performance: 1
illustrate awareness of the relevant repertoire involving their instrument or vocals: 1
select appropriate repertoire for their ensemble, group, band group: 1
establish and develop working duos, ensembles, groups, bands: 1
present a 15 minute performance of a chosen repertoire: 1
produce a balanced programme in terms of styles which also reflects musical awareness, technical versatility and familiarity with the repertoire: 1

Study hours

20 hours of weekly workshops
4 hours of group/ensemble coaching/tutorials
30 hours of ensemble practice
72 hours individual practice
24 hours active listening and score reading

School Rules

Students taking this module will be able to play/sing at a level appropriate to the repertoire to be presented and will be able to work efficiently with other musicians to perform music at reasonable standard. The module leader may evaluate this by audition.

Description of Module Assessment

1: Performance weighted 100%
Performance of chosen repertoire
Students will perform in one or more ensembles presenting 15 minutes of music each.