Solace Competition Winners

Harriet Howells

Inequalities within Reproductive and Maternal Healthcare across the Philippines

Frances Gibson 

Two little girls are stood facing each other. They are six thousand, nine hundred and seventy-five miles apart, vast stretches of green and blue separating them. Everything is calm and still. They try to reach out to each other but they can’t; a force field of energy stops their hands from ever quite meeting, their fingertips suspended above a gap. This gulf transcends distance, it is generations of poverty and equality. It is the voices of ancestors, it is history. They do not know this yet. They do not understand quite how far apart they are. Still they reach out. All each girl can see is another little girl standing right in front of her. Each can only wonder about the other.

This piece aims to illustrate the health inequalities that persist globally. The photograph of the artist represents the other little girl. I was inspired to create this piece following my research on inequity in health.