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Professor Steve Cropper School of Public Policy and Professional Practice
Dr Dimitra Blana     Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine
Dr Lisa Dikomitis Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Health
Professor Rajmil Fischman Music and Music Technology
Dr Lindsay Hamilton Keele Management School
Mr Mike Hession Humanities and Social Science Research Office
Mrs Kerry Jones Arts Officer- Marketing and Communication
Professor Mihaela Kelemen Keele Management School (Director of CASIC)
Ms Sue Moffat New Vic Borderlines
Dr Ceri Morgan English and Creative Writing
Dr Emma Surman Keele Management School

Full Members




Prof David Amigoni Pro Vice Chancellor Keele University
Ms Sarah Amphlett Keele SU Volunteering Manager Keele University
Dr Mark Bacon Director of Engagement & Partnerships Keele University
Dr Nick Bentley Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities    Keele University
Robin Bladen-Hovell Professor in Economics Keele University
Dr Dimitra Blana Research Fellow, Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine  Keele University
Luke Bracegirdle IT Development Director Keele University
Professor Susan Bruce          Professor of English    Keele University
Dr Chris Buttanshaw Director Kindle Partnerships
Ms Kathy Castle PhD Student, Management Keele University
Dr Phil Catney Senior Lecturer, SPIRE Keele University
Dr Ed Chatwick Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering Keele University
Dr Mary Corcoran
Senior Lecturer in Criminology          Keele University
Pippa Church Theatre Practioner New Vic Theatre
Prof Steve Cropper Professor of Management, SSPP Keele University
Dr Lisa Dikomitis
 Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine       Keele University
Prof Brian Doherty Professor, SPIRE Keele University
Dr Emee Estacio  Lecturer, School of Psychology          Keele University
Prof Rajmil Fischman Professor of Composition, Music Keele University
Dr Claire Fox  
Lecturer, School of Psychology
Keele University
Dr Lindsay Hamilton Lecturer, Management Keele University
Dr Katherine Haxton Senior Lecterer in Chemistry Keele University
Dr Sarah Hart Lecturer in Bioscience       Keele University
Mr Geoff Heath Honorary Fellow of KMS Keele University
Mr Mike Hession HUMSS Faculty Research Development Manager Keele University
Dr Katie Higgins Teaching Fellow, School Geography       Keele University
Prof Ann Hughes Emeritus Professor    Keele University
Ms Jane Jervis Lecturer, Nursing Keele University
Dr Beth Johnson Senior Lecturer, Film, Television and English Keele University
Mrs Kerry Jones Arts Officer Keele University
Prof Aristotle Kallis Professor in Modern History    Keele University
Prof Mihaela Kelemen Director of CASIC Keele University
Tom Kingston PHD Student, Primary Care & Health Sciences    Keele University
Ms Rebecca Laycock Sustainability Project Officer Keele University
Dr Rebecca Leach Senior Lecturer, Sociology Keele University
Ms Yiewn Lin PhD Student, Management Keele University
Dr Anita Mangan Lecturer, Management Keele University
Ms Helen Millward PhD Student, Management Keele University
Dr Laura Mitchell Lecturer, Management Keele University
Sue Moffat New Vic Borderlines Director New Vic
Dr Fiorella Montero Diaz   Lecturer in Music Keele University
Dr Ceri Morgan Senior Lecturer, English and Creative Writing Keele University
Dr Teresa Oultram Lecturer, Management Keele University
Ann Pittard Head of Partnership Development (Humanities and Social Sciences) Keele University
Dr Helen Price Lecturer in Bioscience    Keele University
Rachel Reddihough Stage Manager New Vic Theatre
Mrs Margaret Riley   KINDLE Partnership
Dr Jackie Reynolds Research Associate Keele University
Dr Udeni Salmon  Research and Innovation Associate,  MCIL    Keele University
Julianna Skarzynska Cultural Animateur New Vic Theatre
Dr Sortirios Santatzoglou    School of Law and Centre for Professional Ethics    Keele University
Prof Athula Sumathipala  Primary Care & Health Sciences     Keele University   
Dr Emma Surman Lecturer,  Management Keele University
Dr James Tartaglia Senior Lecturer, SPIRE - Keele University
Prof Susanne Tietze Professor in International Business Management Keele University
Mrs Hitomi Tobe ELU Keele University
Dr Richard Tresidder  Lecturer, Marketing    Keele University
Ms Pauline Walsh Dean of Medical School Keele 
Dr Helen Wells Senior Lecturer, Criminology Keele University
Ms Karen Wild Lecturer, Adult Nursing Keele University

Affiliate Members





Dr Btihaj Ajana Lecturer in Culture, Digital Humanities & Creative Industries, Kings College London, UK

Btihaj Ajana isan academic in the Departments of Media, Culture and Creative Industries, and Digital Humanities at King’s College London. Her teaching and research interests are concerned with the areas of culture and identity, ethics and politics, and the philosophy of digital media. She is the author of Governing through Biometrics: The Biopolitics of Identity (Palgrave, 2013), a book that provides a critical and multi-level analysis of the various socio-political and ethical implications of identity systems in relation to the field of immigration and citizenship. She is currently conducting further research in this area looking at the application of Big Data analytics in the governance of mobility, in addition to researching the ontological and ethical aspects of the Quantified Self movement. Btihaj is also the curator of the digital public art project Autopoiesis, which provides members of the diverse UAE public with a platform for autonomous and creative self-expression (see She has been researching the dynamics of emerging cultural and museum initiatives in Arab states, and how these are reconfiguring narratives about culture and identity, heritage and memory in the region. See KCL web page here

Dr Katerina Alexiou Lecturer in Design, The Open University, UK

Katerina is a Lecturer in Design at The Open University. Her academic research falls in the area of design theory and methods and she has published articles in design cognition, collaborative design, learning, creativity, and social aspects of design. She also has a special interest in complexity science. Her most recent research activity is focussed on co-design and co-production with civil society organisations and communities engaged in place-making and creative civic action.

Related links:

Prof Nicolas Arnaud Associate Professor in Management, Audencia Nante School of Management, France  
Cathy Bencivenga Executive Manager of Education and Community Engagement, Alley Theatre Texas              
Dr Ilaria Boncori Senior Lecturer in Management, University of Essex  
Dr Julian  Brigstocke Lecturer in Human Geography, Cardiff University, UK

Julian Brigstocke is a lecturer in human geography at Cardiff University. He is interested in developing creative methodologies for listening to agents who do not have a standardly recognized voice, and in understanding the role of non-humans in the constitution of community. In particular, he is conducting research on different ways in which ‘future generations’ acquire a voice in the present through varying political, social and cultural practices. He also has interests in landscape, authority, humour, and participatory democracy. For further information, see and  his profile here.

Dr Jan Brown Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Liverpool John Moores University  
Ms Gemma Burford Research Fellow, University of Brighton, UK  
Dr Gemma Burgess    University of Cambridge           
Mr Jim Bywater

Head of Risk Reduction

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue


Mr Michael Callan The Lyme Trust


Dr Fiona Cheetham Senior Lecturer, The Business School, University of Huddersfield

Dr Fiona Cheetham is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and a member of the Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities at the University of Huddersfield. Fiona’s research focuses on the intersection of community, volunteering, and the sharing/collaborative economy. She is currently undertaking a collaborative ethnography with a local charity called ‘One Good Turn’ to understand how this new, grassroots charity is successfully addressing the needs of people living in poverty and isolation within Kirklees. Another research project focuses on the implementation of Comoodle; this is an innovative initiative which envisages a sharing revolution involving communities to change the way public services are delivered within Kirklees. For further information, please see:

Cara Clancy PHD Student, Plymouth University         

Cara is a geography PhD student currently doing socio-environmental research in two UK cities. After graduating in 2005, she worked for several years in the charity sector as a campaigner and media specialist for organisations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and ClientEarth. Cara then led several field investigations with grassroots NGOs in Colombia and Peru, addressing community rights and environmental conflict. In 2015, she returned to the UK after being awarded a PhD studentship with Plymouth University – to conduct research on the social and cultural dimensions of UK conservation. She does this while living on a narrowboat in London, learning lots about urban waterways and how to fix things!  Twitter @caraclancy

Dr Marisa De Andrade Programme Director, University of Ediburgh

Dr Marisa de Andrade is the Director of Integrated Service Improvement programme at the University of Edinburgh and an advisor and consultant to the World Health Organization in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. She works on several projects bridging top-down and bottom-up approaches to health policy and practice applying the principles of asset-based working, co-design and co-production. She is particularly interested in innovative methods of engagement with marginalised communities and the youth such as using the theatrical technique Theatre of the Oppressed to explore health, wellbeing and identity.  

Dr Zofia Dworakowska Head of Cultural Animation Team, University of Warsaw, Poland

Zofia Dworakowska, PhD is a culture anthropologist, theatrologist, researcher of local activities, art in public space, comparative perspective of culture animation, community arts and other modes of encouraging social participation. She is the Head of the Culture Animation specialisation in the Institute of Polish Culture (IPC) at the University of Warsaw. She has organised several workshops, work exchanges and study trips in the frame of international projects funded by EU Programmes. As an expert she worked for: the Cultural Office of Warsaw City Council, the Polish Ministry of Culture, the Theatre Institute in Warsaw etc. She was involved, as a researcher, curator and resident in following residency projects: Expeditions (2013-2014) and Residency (2014-2015). The project Expeditions brought together a team composed of artists, social science researchers, educators and children in the cities of Tarragona in Spain, Rennes in France and Warsaw in Poland. The aim of this project lied in the transformation of our perspectives of the city by re-examining the preconceived ideas of neighbourhoods known as working-class neighbourhoods and reinvesting the reason for the ethnographic expedition to deconstruct it, including the current, sometimes neo-colonial, attitudes in our disciplines (art, research, education). The project Residency is organised together by Staffordshire University, Warsaw University and University of Barcelona explores how residencies could be used to train and support people in how to use community and participatory arts to promote civic engagement. The residencies in each country set about addressing some of these issues by establishing a live laboratory through a civically engaged arts residency to test out the best ways of training and supporting local people who want to use the arts in this way. 

Dr Rob Ellis Senior Lecturer in History, University of Huddersfield, UK

Dr Rob Ellis is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Huddersfield. He specialises in the history of mental health care and has published scholarly work on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Rob has also worked with a range of practitioners on a number of public engagement activities. As well as working with heritage providers and archive professionals, he has worked with mental health trusts and mental health and learning disability charities. He has worked on projects with funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), The Wellcome Trust and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Details of Rob's AHRC funded Heritage and stigma project can be found here 

Dr Bryony Enright Connected Communities Researcher, Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, UK

Bryony Enright is a Research Assistant on the AHRC Connected Communities programme. She works in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol and is a member of the Centre for Globalisation, Education and Social Futures. Bryony's research explores the processes and legacy of co-produced research in the Connected Communities Programme, she is interested in how academics can perform useful and relevant work with communities in ways which generate high quality research and move us towards social justice. Her research often centres around an interest in precarious and insecure work, labour markets, emotional labour and workers rights. She has a passion for qualitative research methods including semi-structured interviews and collaborative thinking through workshops and conference style events. Bryony completed her PhD in Human Geography at the University of Birmingham in 2013, she explored the experiences of low-skilled agency workers and the impact of Temporary Staffing Agencies on local labour markets.

Dr Victoria Foster Lecturer in Social Sciences, Edge Hill University  
Professor James Fitchett
Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Research, University of Leicester  
Dr Gill Forrester       Associate Professor of Education at Staffordshire University

Gill is Associate Professor of Education at Staffordshire University where she leads the Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD) and supervises doctoral students (PhD and EdD).  Gill completed her BA (Hons) in Applied Social Studies and Educational Studies at Keele University in 1998 and completed her PhD at Keele University in 2003.  Gill has subsequently worked on several major research projects across a range of areas in education. Her main research interests are in relation to critically examining education policy in the UK.  She is co-author of the book Education Policy Unravelled, published in 2016 by Bloomsbury.

Ms Harriet Fraser Writer, Editor, Project Facilitator

Harriet Fraser (MPhil student, University of Glasgow, Solway Centre for Environment, Culture & Communication) explores the way creative writing,including poetry, reveals issues of land, cultural landscape and relationships between people and the land. Her work has been widely published and exhibited and is interdisciplinary, touching on literature, creative writing, ethnography, geography and visual art. In additional to traditional forms of prose and poetry, she creates concrete and kinetic work, placing script into the land and allowing land, weather, people and animals to influence its expression. 

websites include: (collaborative writing and visual arts practice) (a focus on cumbrian upland farming) (poetry in the land) 

Fred Fulton Berrios Learning Systems Coordinator, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies               
Prof Christina Goulding Professor of Marketing, Birmingham University, UK  
Mr Maurice Greenham LGBT & Ages and Stages  
Dr Beverley Hawkins Director of Education and Community Engagement, University of Exeter Business School

Dr Beverley Hawkins researches and teaches in the field of leadership/management practice, learning and development; her work often focuses on how people ‘make things happen’. She is especially interested in the experiences of those leading themselves and others through times of transition, and in the aesthetic, material aspects of leadership learning and practice. Her work is published in several high-ranking journals including Human Relations, Sociology and Management Learning.

Beverley’s award-winning research has been funded by a number of highly competitive funding bodies, including the ESF and ESRC. She is currently lead academic researcher on an Arts Council England funded research project in partnership with Libraries Unlimited, the Real Ideas Organization and Open Data Institute. This high profile project seeks to help libraries develop and capture their impact on local communities, and connect this ‘social value’ to financial value by creating new models of revenue generation. You can read more about the 'Unlimited Value' project at this blog:

Anne Hayes Liverpool John Moores University  
Prof Latchezar Hristov Lecturer in Management, Audencia Nante School of Management, France  
Ms Hillary Hughes  B Arts  
Prof Brad Jackson Prof Public and Community Leadership, Victria University of Wellington   

Brad Jackson is Professor of Public and Community Leadership at Victoria University of Wellington where he was the former Head of School of Government and Head of School of Management. At the University of Auckland Business School, he was Co-Director of the New Zealand Leadership Institute. Jackson has published five books—Management Gurus and Management Fashions, The Hero Manager, Organisational Behaviour in New Zealand, A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership and Demystifying Business Celebrity and co-edited the Sage Handbook of Leadership and Major Works in Leadership. He is a former co-editor of the journal, Leadership, and the former Vice-Chair of the International Leadership Association.

Dr Kathy Jackson  Freelance Researcher and Copywriter   

Kathy Jackson’s doctoral research focused upon the relationship between working-class and Pre-Raphaelite poetry and Victorian high culture (Keele University, 2014). Since completing her PhD., Kathy has worked as a freelance researcher adopting a range of Social Science-based and more creative methodologies. She has recently completed projects for Stoke-on-Trent College, Keele University Students’ Union and the Learning and Professional Development Centre at Keele. She is particularly interested in being involved in research which has a demonstrable social impact and involves members of the community.

Ms Deborah James Researcher, NCVO  
Ms Véronique Jochum Researcher, NCVO  
Ms Hilary Jones

Foodbank Newcastle, Grey Matters

Dr Iona Jones  100 Lives Community Champions Network and Imagine Associates  
Dr Helka Kalliomäki Senior Research Fellow, University of Turku  Helka Kalliomäki (née Moilanen) is currently working as a senior research fellow at the School of economics and at the Department of social research at the University of Turku. She received her PhD degree in human geography in 2012 from the University of Turku, and MSc degree in geography in 2007 from the University of Oulu, specializing in regional development and planning. In 2011, she worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Maryland’s National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education in the United States. Helka’s research is primarily situated at the intersection of spatial planning and human geography, dealing with the questions related to soft planning spaces, strategic planning and culture-led approaches to urban planning and policy-making. She has published several articles together with her co-authors in respected international journals such as Environment and Planning C and Planning Theory and Practice.
Dr Helen Kara Director, WE Research IT Ltd, UK

Dr Helen Kara, Director of We Research It Ltd, has been an independent researcher in Staffordshire since 1999.  She works for local, regional, and national organisations and partnerships in social care, health, and the third sector.  Helen is on the Board of the UK and Ireland Social Research Association and leads on research ethics.  She has written several articles and books on research methods, most recently Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide.  She teaches research methods to practitioners, postgraduates, and doctoral students, and loves to demystify both research and writing.

Related Links:

Laura Kelly Liverpool John Moores University  
Mika Khanh Tran    PHD Student, Birmingham University  

Mai Khanh Tran is a doctoral researcher in Department of Marketing, University of Birmingham (UOB). Her research interests include innovation, value co-creation, and aesthetic consumption. These were inspired by both her experience as a product development manager in the Advertising industry and the Wyatt International award in 2013 for her outstanding MSc research project. She has currently investigated in the interaction between the arts and technology to propose new approaches to values and co-innovation. This also offers suggestions for enhancing the consumption of creative and high cultural products. Besides her research, she is an active contributor to the innovation scheme in UOB, University-industry collaboration projects, and a number of programmes promoting creative thinking of students. 

Professor Toru Kiyomiya Professor of Business Englis and Communication, Seinan Gakuin University  Professor at Seinan Gakuin University, Japan. Master of Labour Relations and Human Resources Management, and Ph.D. in Communication (Michigan State University). 

Major research interests are organizational communication, critical management studies, risk and crisis communication, community leadership and volunteering.

Dr Aki Koponen Director of Centre for Collaborative Research, University of Turku, Finland

Dr Aki Koponen is the director and founder of the Centre for Collaborative Research at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku. During the last ten years he has led over 50 interdisciplinary research, development and consulting projects. Themes of those projects have been related to economics of competition policy, law and economics, innovation activity, industry dynamics and strategic renewal, as well as regional development. He is also an active speaker and a regular commentator in regional and national media.

Related Links:

Prof Monika Kostera Chair in Management, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland  
Ms Judy Kurth

Strategic Manager, Safe and Healthly Communities

Public Health Directorate, City of Stoke on Trent

Dr Busayawan Lam Senior Lecturer in Management, Brunel University, UK 

Busayawan Lam was trained in Industrial Design and practiced as a product designer in a small-and-medium-sized exporter company in Thailand. She later obtained research degrees in Design Management. She has many years of research experience studying user requirements, ascertaining design trends and recommending strategic design directions for a variety of organisations ranging from a domestic general hospital equipment producer to an international electronic company. She often worked in collaborative projects involving various disciplines, e.g. economists and chemists. Working with several small companies and consumers with low incomes has influence her research interest, since 2008 her research has been focused on social innovation and community-led design.

Mr Ben Lee National Association of Neighbourhood Management  
Professor Ann Light Professor of Creative Technology, Sussex University  
Mrs Sara Littlejohn The Lyme Trust


Dr Yipeng Liu Senior Lecturer in Entreprenuership, Birmingham Business School, UK  
Ruby Christine Matthew    
Patricia McCarroll Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School      

Once upon a time, a QUB graduate in Social Anthropology and Archaeology found herself working in a corporate organisation. She stayed there for many years, moving across different kingdoms (sectors) and meeting lots of different tribes of people with titles such as service provider and client. Then one day, a princely part-time offer of an MBA appeared, and when this was completed, she left the corporate world for one of academia. Staying within business schools, her current quest is the completion of her part-time PhD on organisational narratives and folklore (fairy-tales), seeking out archetypes, the role of absurdity and identities of unseen secondary services. Her teaching specialises in blended learning courses with full time practitioners.

Petra Milarová Founder and Director, Musical Travels Ltd

Born in the Czech Republic, award-winning pianist Petra Milarová moved to the UK shortly after completing her Master’s degree at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In demand as a soloist and collaborative musician, she successfully combines her playing career with tutoring at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire junior department and Repton School. 
Petra is a founder member of the Mercia Ensemble ( and works with several distinguished instrumentalists, singers and artists accross the UK and Europe. 
Her interest in musicians' performance health has led her to pursue her goal to qualify as a DRU Yoga teacher and she is also currently training to become a licensed Andover Educator in the Body Mapping techniques, closely related to the Alexander Technique.
Petra is the founder and director of Musical Travels Ltd., creating events where music crosses borders with other types of performing and visual arts, education, healing and yoga ( 
She also runs her own Music & Movement Studio, currently based in Lichfield ( 
A prize-winner of international piano competitions (Concourse Musicale de France 2012, Cittá di Barletta - Young Pianist Prize and Chamber Music Prize in Italy 2011, Smetana International Piano Competition in Pilsen 2010, Beethoven International Piano Competition in Hradec 2003 and Chopin Piano Competition in Marienbad  2001), Petra has appeared in concerts both as a soloist and a chamber musician throughout many varied venues in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the US.                                                                         o the UK in 2012, Petra studied at Birmingham Conservatoire with Prof. Margaret Fingerhut (Personal Study Programme) and won first prizes in the Peter Donohoe, John Ireland and Renna Kellaway piano competitions.  

Ms Sarah Misra Senior Lecturer, Staffordshire University

I have enjoyed a varied career in Primary Education and have worked in various settings as a primary/early years teacher and in Senior Management roles both in Primary Education and in Higher Education for over 20 years.  I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Education at Staffordshire University where I have responsibility for leading the primary postgraduate teacher training. My research is around perceived barriers facing trainee teachers with parental responsibilities and creative methods of research.  I have also presented and published around strengthening the teaching of the foundation subjects in Primary & Early Years settings including

Prof Rosmimah Mohd Roslin Professor of Marketing, Malaysia  
Prof Catherine Morel Professor of Marketing, Audencia Nante School of Management, France

Catherine Morel teaches arts marketing. She has extensive academic experience in the UK. She taught at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London where she was in charge of the marketing module on the MA in Art Business. At Kinston Business School she developed and managed the MA in Creative Industries, a cross-faculty programme designed to introduce management and entrepreneurship to arts students.At Audencia, Catherine is in charge of the development of a new MSc in Cultural Entrepreneurship and she has designed a module on the MBA called Art, Management and Creativity.Her PhD was dedicated to arts sponsorship and her current research work explores the relationships between arts and business. She is particularly interested in the ways arts can influence and change business management.

Tom Morton PHD Student, Open University     
Prof Christine Naschberger Associate Professor, Audencia Nante School of Management, France  
Dr Daniel Mutibwa  Lecturere in Media and Communication, University of Nottinghamshire


“Daniel researches and teaches in the areas of Media, Communication, Creative Industries, Research Methods, Digital Culture, and Creative Entrepreneurship. More details about Daniel’s work can be viewed here:


Mrs Sultana Nury Community Member  
Professor Kate Pahl Sheffield University  
Professor Liz Parsons University of Liverpool        
Mrs Eileen Pearson Keele resident  
Dr Gordon Pearson Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Keele University  
Prof Tuomo Peltonen School of Economics, University of Turku   


Tuomo Peltonen received his PhD from Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. He has been a Chair of Management and Organization at Oulu university as well as a professor at University of Turku and Technical University of Tampere. His latest books are: Organization Theory: Critical and Philosophical Engagements (Emerald; 2016); Spirituality and Religion in Organizing (Palgrave; 2017) and Origins of Organizing (edited with Hugo Gaggiotti and Peter Case) (Edward Elgar; 2017). Dr. Peltonen has been a visiting scholar at Keele University, Stanford University and Copenhagen Business School. 


Prof Martin Phillips Chair of Human Geography, University of Leicester, UK

Martin has research interests spanning social and cultural geography,  society/environment relations, critical social theory and the theory and practice of geography. He leads the Landscape and Communities Research theme( at the University of Leicester, while much of his own work has focused on the material,  symbolic and lived constructions of rural space and communities, with particular regard to the social relations and identities of class and gender. Other research includes the study museum geographies, volunteering, filmic geographies, energy transitions and adaptations to climate change. Recent research has included a  a series of projects funded by the AHRC's Connected Communities programme  and a study of ‘Rural hybrid energy enterprise systems' as part of the EPSRC and DST India's programme  'Bridging the urban rural divide' (BURD) programme, whilst he is currently working on a study of 'International rural gentrification' funded by the ESRC, ANR and NSF.

Mr David Poole Volunteer, New Vic Theatre


Dr Cinzia Priola

Senior lecturer, Open University         

Cinzia Priola is a Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies at the Open University Business School. She also worked at Aston, Keele and Wolverhampton Universities. She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Chartered Psychologist and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is an associate editor of the journal Gender Work and Organization and since 2014 she is a visiting professor at the University of Cagliari (Italy) in the faculty of human sciences. Cinzia’s research interests and publications are in the fields of work and social inclusion and diversity, gender and sexuality in organisations, identities in the workplace and employee branding. Recent projects have included studies on the experiences of sexual minorities in social enterprises, women entrepreneurs, gender identities in Islamic countries, employee branding in the service sector and feminism in the academy. Cinzia’s research is grounded on critical theory and discursive perspectives. Her teaching is in the area of Management theory and practice, Organisational Behaviour, Leadership and Research Methods. She also teaches diversity and inclusion.  Website:

Clare Reynolds


Liz Richardson

Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Manchester

Liz Richardson is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Manchester.  Her work is dedicated to experimenting with how academics, practitioners and citizens can develop more democratic and participatory ways of doing politics.  Her latest book, co-authored with Catherine Durose, is ‘Designing public policy for coproduction: theory, practice and change’, by Policy Press, November 2015  It has been described by reviewers as an accessible text on co-production. Her current research includes a three year project, ‘Jam and Justice, co-designing governance innovations with practitioners in Greater Manchester’:

Margaret Riley

Kindle Partnership   

Anna-Mari Rosenlof

Project Manager, University of Turku   

MA Anna-Mari Rosenlöf is working as project manager in project Taikusydän - The Heart for Arts, Culture and Well-being in Finland. The project started in the end of year 2015 and continues to the end of 2018.

Taikusydän is a multisectoral coordination and communication center for activities and research among the broad field of arts, culture and well-being. Its aim is to make arts and culture a permanent part of well-being services. Taikusydän encourages different actors to cooperate with each other. It launches a researchers´ network, joining together research in universities and other institutes. Taikusydän promotes proposals for actions suggested in the closing report of the national Art and Culture for Well-being programme 2010–2014. Development work is done to spread information about the best practices and knowledge as well as to develop new financing and operations models.

The objective of Taikusydän is to integrate the arts and culture into mainstream health strategy and policy making. In addition, Taikusydän focuses on improving the working possibilities of professional artists and art institutions providing opportunities for artists to develop their practice.

The Taikusydän project is administrated by Turku University of Applied Sciences. It is funded by the City of Turku, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the University of Turku. Project activities are carried out with close cooperation with the organizations below:

• The cities of Turku, Kuopio and Tampere

• Research Center for Culture and Health in University of Turku (

• The Well-being Know-how Center of Eastern Finland, The Well-being Power Plant (VOIMALA) (

• PiiPoo – Accessible Centre for Arts and Culture, Lempäälä (Tampere region) (

• Association Culture for Health (Terveyttä kulttuurista ry)

Link to our Website:

Professor Nick Rumens Professor of Human Resource Mangement , University of Portsmouth  


Shayna Schlosberg Associate General Manager, Ally Theatre, Texas  
Reverend Sally Smith Diocesan Advisor for Vulnerable Adults, Hanley Team Ministry


Ms Jess Steele Director, Jericho Road Solutions  
Mary Sutton Director of Education and Community Engagement     
Dr Lai Yong Tan           Lecturer, National University of Singapore, Singapore     

Donovan Taylor

Community Organiser  

Leah Thorn

Fellow, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Keele University

Leah Thorn is a spoken word poet, activist and lecturer, published through performance, film, anthologies and magazines in England and the United States. At the heart of her poetry is the autobiographical exploration of identity and issues of liberation. She collaborates with filmmakers to create poetry films. With a Leverhulme Trust artist residency at the Kent Academic Primary Care Unit, University of Kent and the England Centre, Canterbury Christ Church University, she made ‘watch’ with filmmaker Ewan Golder, an award-winning film using Super 8 film, poetry, storytelling and photography to reveal the impact of dementia on a father/daughter relationship. And in collaboration with filmmaker Clare Unsworth, Leah has produced two short poetryfilms - ‘count’ about everyday sexism and ‘shhh!’ about the silencing of women through violence and sexual exploitation. Both films are screening internationally in feminist film festivals.

For the past ten years Leah has led poetry workshops in prisons nationally. In 2012 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship, visiting women's prisons across the United States with dance and theatre companies and in 2013 she received a Royal Society for Public Health Special Commendation Award for her contribution to Creative Arts and the Criminal Justice System.

Leah is currently a Fellow in the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Keele University, developing her project ‘Older Women Rock!’ in collaboration with Dr Dana Rosenfeld of the Keele Centre for Ageing Research.

Elise Turner

Development Officer, Heritage Lottery Fund  
Dr Linh-Chi Vo Professor of Management

I have a PhD in Management Science from Ecole Centrale Paris (France), an MBA from Washington State University (USA), and a BA from Queensland University of Technology (Australia). I'm currently professor at Ecole de Management de Normandie in France. My research interests include the philosophy of pragmatism, corporate social responsibility, and board gender diversity

Dr Tamara West Research Fellow, Birmingham University  
Ms Anna Williams Finance Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet

I have worked in performing arts for the more than twenty years.

As Finance Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet I work with the Chief Executive on strategic planning, business management and governance in an internationally recognised arts organisation committed to excellence across all areas of its activity and serving a diverse range of stakeholder needs and requirements.

My work in Birmingham also includes the strategic directorship group of Birmingham Arts Partnership (the consortium of the 14 major arts organisations based in Birmingham) which is working to find innovative solutions to sustainability through collaborative and partnership working as well as developing cultural policy and strategy in Birmingham.  I am leading on research on comparative models of partnership in the cultural sector (nationally and internationally), proposing an operating model and creating a business plan for an organisation to foster sustainability and development of Birmingham’s world class cultural offer.

I am Vice President of UK Theatre (formerly Theatrical Management Association – TMA), the UKs leading trade association for the performing arts industry and joined the Board of Bath Festivals in September 2012.  Bath Festivals is responsible for the internationally acclaimed Bath International Music Festival, the thought-provoking Independent Bath Literature Festival and the inspirational (and fun!) Telegraph Bath Children’s Literature Festival as well as year-round learning and participation opportunities for children, young people and adults through creative workshops, gigs, master classes and competitions.

Dr Abigail Wincott Senior Lecturer, College of Arts Humanities, University of Brighton  
Mr Dennis Wooley Allotment Network, 50+4 Stoke on Trent  
Mrs Rita Wooley  Allotment Network, 50+4 Stoke-on-Trent


Dr Theodore Zamenopoulos Senior Lecturer in Design

Theodore Zamenopoulos is a Senior Lecturer in design at The Open University. He is a professional architect with an expertise on design cognition, community led design practices and complexity research. His research focuses on the conditions that foster design thinking in everyday life and empower people to develop their ideas into social innovations. He has been involved in a number of research projects around the themes of civic engagement in design and the empowerment of people through design.