Title: Developing Paths and Identities in Academia: A Cultural Animation Workshop

Speaker: Professor Ariane Berthoin Antal, WZB Berlin Social Sciences Centre

Workshop facilitator: Sue Moffat, Director, New Vic Borderlines

Venue: DW0.29/30, Darwin Building, Keele Univeristy

Date: 18.04.2018

Time: 2-4pm

Summary: How and why do we enter the world of academia, and when do we feel we can
say we are an academic? These existential questions of career development
and identity will be addressed by drawing on findings from interviews with
academics in France, Germany, and the United States across three
generations. The intention of the workshop is to stimulate the
participants to reflect on their own orientation along their path into

Participants will then be encouraged to visualize and enact their career journeys/identities via cultural animation activities facilitated by Sue Moffat from the New Vic Theatre.

Prof. Dr. Ariane Berthoin Antal is Senior Fellow in the Science Policy group at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany. She has recently completed a seven year international research program on artistic interventions in organisations as sources of newness. She is Distinguished Research Professor at Audencia Business School, France, and honorary professor at the Technical University of Berlin. Recent books include Learning Organisations. Extending the Field (with P. Meusburger & L. Suarsana, Springer 2014); Moments of Valuation (with M. Hutter & D. Stark, Oxford University Press, 2015), and Artistic Interventions in Organisations: Research, Theory and Practice (with U. Johannson-Sköldberg & J. Woodilla, Routledge, 2016). She has also published extensively on CSR, organizational learning and culture, as well as women in management, and has presented her findings to policymakers and managers throughout Europe and Asia. She also serves as Ombudsperson for Good Scientific Practice at the WZB. Ariane is French and American by birth and lives in Berlin, Germany.


CASIC seminar in collaboration with SOLACE

Title: Dancers, Terrorists,and Pirates: Cosmopolitan Sensibilities of a Marginalised World

Speaker: Dr. Jose Jowel Canuday, Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines

Date: Wednesday 6 June 2018

Venue: DW0.29 (Darwin Building)

Time: 1-2.30pm

Pirates, rebels, and terrorists beheading Asian, European, North American, and local captives seized while on tour in the pristine shores of Philippine, Indonesian, and Malaysian borders permeate the global media imagination of this remote region. Swept off these imageries, however, are lasting and deeply rooted cosmopolitan traits of openness, flexibility, and reception of ordinary constituencies to a great array of cultural flows streaming into and out of the Muslim enclaves of the Southern Philippines. The distinctive features of these cosmopolitan sensibilities are discernible in how such awareness are embodied in the blending of old and time honoured dance music traditions in contemporary pop-musical genre recorded and performed as part of everyday micro­ entrepreneurial productions of street-based musical videos.

Drawing from a year long ethnographic fieldwork hanging out and collaborating creatively with artists, wedding performers, and street vendors, this work presents enduring acts of attachment to local worlds and greater connection to our shared humanity that have been invariably described as every day, down-to-earth, pragmatic, interstitial, and practical cosmopolitanism.


Professor Mihaela Kelemen, Director CASIC, Keele University

Vassos Argyrou, Professor of Social Anthropology and Cultural Theory, University of Hull



Second International Summer School on Co-production and Community Engagement

CASIC is pleased to announce its second exciting Summer School which will be taking place in central England at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme (7th of June) and Keele University campus (8-9th of June) 

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