Find yourself a virtual internship with a charity or not for profit organisation.

Self-matching internships with charities

Update August 2020 - we have now finished the funding for summer internships.  We are currently reviewing our internship strategy and will post a further update here in due course.

During the coronavirus crisis we have decided to offer free of charge internships to charities and not for profit organisations, to help them through these difficult times.

If you can find a charity who will offer you an internship, we will pay your wages.

Keele University, in partnership with Santander Universities, is offering eligible charities and not for profit organisations up to £1,000 towards the internship wages (see below for more details).

You can use this incentive to open some doors and secure yourself some paid experience!  All current Keele students and recent Keele graduates are eligible.

How it works?

This self matching scheme is open to all students and graduates at Keele University. The idea is that you contact charities that you know (please note that only small and medium sized charities are eligible) and let them know that you can work for them for free (Keele will pay you £10 per hour).

How much is the internship funding for the charities?

Keele will pay you, the intern £10 per hour, up to a max of £1000 (100 hours) for the work you do for them. 

How long can the internship be?

Any length up to 100 hours can be fully funded by Keele/Santander.  You, the intern, will be paid £10 per hour through a bursary payment once all the hours have been completed.  The maximum hours we can pay you is 100 - therefore a maximum of £1000.

Why work for a charity or not for profit organisation?

  • Opportunity to make a real contribution to the charity/not for profit organisation, particularly helpful during this coronavirus crisis
  • Gain valuable experience and boost your CV
  • A chance to put your skills and experience to good use
  • Make the most of remote working and learn some new technologies

Organisation  (SME) Eligibility

The charity or not for profit organisation must be registered and based in the UK, with an annual turnover of under £50 million and under 250 employees.  If you are unsure about eligibility, contact the Internships team or search the charity register 

We suggest that you think about charities local to you who might be able to use your skills and experience.  Think about where you might have done voluntary work, ask your family and friends for ideas.

Please remember that this offer is for charities who employ less than 250 staff and are based in the UK. If you are not sure how many people they employ, you can check the details of the organisation via the database link below, or you can search the charity register or you can email us at and we will check for you.

Useful links:

  • You can use the link below to search on various criteria: Charity Register
  • You can also book an appointment with a Careers Consultant at Keele to get some help with finding organisations

You will need the following 3 documents:

  1. Your CV (see below if you would like us to help you with this)
  2. Your speculative cover letter - you may wish to use this Cover letter template -Virtual Internships for charities
  3. The Charity Flyer Virtual Internships that explains the funding incentive to the company - you can download and attach to emails that you send to companies.  We have some hard copies too in Careers if you would like to use these.

If you would like Keele Careers to review your CV and/or cover letter you can Book yourself an appointment

How should you write to companies?  

  • Email - this is probably the most usual way to approach organisations, but try to ensure that you have the correct email address for the person responsible for recruitment
  • You could try calling the organisation, particularly if you know who to contact there.

Other tips for writing speculative cover letters:

  • Always try to write to a named person (you may need to call the company to find out who this is)
  • Explain the reason for the contact
  • Be clear about what kind of experience you are looking for and your availability
  • Explain why you are interested in the organisation or sector
  • Show how you would connect/fit in
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what skills and knowledge they may require and provide examples from your education and/or experience
  • Finish with a call to action - how and where you can be contacted

Useful resources from Keele Careers Online:

During the coronavirus crisis, your interview will be done online

If you wish to get some advice on telephone and video interviews from Keele Careers and Employability, you can book yourself an appointment here.

There are plenty of resources on Keele Careers Online:

Before you start your internship, it is essential that you connect us with your proposed charity or not for profit organisation (and indeed, the organisation may wish to contact us at any stage so that they can understand how this scheme works)

We will not be able to guarantee you payment unless you and your organisation have had approval from us before you start.

Please ask your organisation to contact us at