English Graduate Success Stories

Welcome to our English Graduate Success Stories illustrating the diverse pathways taken by Keele graduates. We hope that these case studies will inspire and inform you in your career planning and future opportunities.

For any of you who have asked the question ‘What can I do with a degree in English?’ these case studies and complementary information will give you some answers. 

The degree study of English gives you an excellent skills-set from which to pursue a broad range of careers. Quoting from our case studies:

“Studying English Literature helped me to think critically and to communicate more effectively, both in writing and orally.”

“My English degree has definitely helped me to improve my written skills as well as verbal reasoning.”

“The skills that English develops - the ability to synthesise information, the ability to research, the ability to clearly and succinctly impart that information to others, the ability to organise and draw together disparate threads of information… all of these skills are required.”

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This was an English Subject Centre funded project.


Updated 1 May 2014