Campus development work: What it means for you

Over the next few years work will be taking place to transform our student accommodation and some other key buildings in order to make our campus fit for the future.

The following updates outline work commencing over the coming weeks with the most recent information positioned at the top:

We apologise for any inconvenience that this work may cause you.

Further updates will be posted to this page on a regular basis, but should you have any questions or queries please contact the Estates Help Desk:

ext: 33137

Update 13/11/2017 - Post room pedestrian access

To allow the new CSL service diversion works to continue, pedestrian access to the post room via Access Road 7 is to be diverted from the normal route of the covert road.

This is expected to most affect those within Holly Cross, Oakwood, Larchwood areas of campus. The alternative routes to be able to access the building have been detailed on the attached map and signage will be in place to assist.

Collection of any post for anyone not able to access the post room via these routes will be communicated out by the Student and Academic Services team.

It is anticipated that these routes will be in place for between 3-4 weeks.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, any queries please contact the Estates Help Desk on ext 33137 or e-mail

Temporary pedestrian access Post Room

Update 13/11/2017 - Road & Footpath Repairs

We are scheduled to carry out of Road and Footpath repairs on Friday 17th, Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st November 2017.

The repairs will be on Keele Drive near to Oaks 'A' accommodation block and the footpath on Barnes Hall Road, near to the junction with The Covert.

All the works will take place outside of peak traffic times and will be managed with Stop/Go boards or traffic lights.

Please, drive with caution in these areas whilst the works are been carried out and until fully completed.

May we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your continued co-operation.


If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact the Estates Help Desk on ext: 33137 or e-mail

Update 07/11/2017 - Interruption to Gas Supply

On November 14th, critical gas diversion works are programmed to facilitate the enabling works for the CSL project, situated behind the Lennard Jones building.

There will be no building space heating between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm within:

Lennard Jones building
William Smith building
Dorothy Hodgkin building
Huxley building
Visual Arts building
Mackay building


Laboratory gas will NOT be affected.

Some building hot water supplies will be affected.


To minimise disruption the space heating will be switched on continuously for 24 hours prior to the 8.00am start time on 14th November to ensure that the building fabric is warm.

Building heating and hot water generation will be provided as soon as possible on the 14th which is expected to be at 5.00pm

Update 02/11/2017 - Storage Cabin - Lennard Jones

 On Friday 3rd November 2017 a new storage unit will be delivered and installed at the front Lennard Jones Building.
Central Drive will be closed to vehicular access for a short period of time. The affected area will be barriered and the contractor will ensure that pedestrian safety is maintained at all time.

Update 26/10/2017 - Footpath repairs

On Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th November 2017 the footpath running from the Jack Ashley Building towards the Huxley Building alongside the Lennard Jones CSL site compound fence will be temporarily closed to allow repairs to the tarmac surface.

Alternative routes for the duration of these works will be signposted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your co-operation. If you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact the Estates Help Desk on ext: 33137 or e-mail

Update 04/10/2017 - Bus Shelter replacement

On Friday 6th October 2017, our contractor Shelutions will be removing the bus shelter on Keele Drive, adjacent to Car Park C12.
The bus stop will remain in use during this time, however, the work will take approximately 2 hours to complete. A new bus shelter will be installed within 10 days.
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update 29/09/2017 - Woodland Walks Footpath temporary closure

Temporary path closure to Keele Woodlands walk entrance, due to essential surveying work and repairs to Keele woodlands walk retaining wall the main access route to Keele woodlands walk will
be closed from 11/10/2017

The Footpath will be closed until 31/07/2018 or until the works are completed, whichever is the sooner, to facilitate the surveying and repairs to Keele woodland walk retaining wall.
The alternative route map will be placed on the path closure Heras fencing.

Keele University Estates and Development apologises for any inconvenience caused during the closure. 


For further information, please call Keele Estates and Development on 01782 733137.

Woodland Walks path closure

Update 12/09/2017 - CSL building work

To allow the new CSL building to be situated in its new location, a number of service diversions are required to enable this to happen. Some of these diversions need to take place between the Jack Ashley, MacKay and Science Learning Centre.

To allow this to happen, with the least amount of disruption, 13 car parking bays will be suspended from the 12th September until the 29th September 2017/ The attached sketch details the area in more detail.

Also shown is how access during the day and at night will be maintained to Jack Ashley for students and fellow colleagues.

Jack Ashley building

CSL Service Diversion works and Suspension of Car Park Bays

Update 12/09/2017 - Site Cabin removals

On Thursday 14th September 2017 the Vinci site cabins will be removed. There will be a partial road closure of Access Road 15 Horwood Hall Road (adjacent to the KPA).
There will be staff on hand to manage vehicle movement.

Update 12/09/2017 - Emergency road repairs

Commencing Thursday 14th September 2017, there will be temporary traffic lights on University Drive (adjacent to IC1), in order for us to undertake emergency road repairs.
We anticipate the project should be completed on Friday 15th September 2017.

Update 17/08/2017 - CSL Project

As part of the construction works at the Lennard Jones building, it will be necessary to move the bin store to a new location above Lennard Jones.

While this construction takes place over the next 2-3 weeks, the bins will be stored in the top car park by the Substation, above the Post Room.

Update 07/08/2017 - Barnes Hall pathway closure

Due to essential maintenance works, it will be necessary to close the path between Barnes A Block and the boiler house opposite it. This closure will start on Monday the August 7th and will be completed by Friday the 11th.

During this period, people accessing Barnes blocks A - F and the adjacent flats 1 - 5 will need to use the paths by F Block, from Barnes Hall Road.

We hope this doesn't disrupt you too much and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update 26/07/2017 - CSL New Build Works Starting 31.07.17

Estates and Development can confirm that the contractor's site compound will start to be constructed from 31.07.17

As a result of the works starting, there will no longer be parking available behind the Lennard Jones, adjacent Jack Ashley, In front of the Media building, or down Access road 7.

Please ensure you have removed your vehicles by no later than Friday 28.06.17 which is when the parking will be barriered off.

Once the site setup is complete, access will still be maintained to the post room for pedestrians and post van deliveries/collections.

Please note the site compound will take over the whole of the green to the North East elevation of the Lennard Jones building as previously communicated and demonstrated via the red lines on the attached plan.

CSL Project Site Constraints Layout

Update 26/07/2017 - Student Accommodation Expansion and Enhancement

Commencing Monday 31st July 2017, Vinci Construction will be installing fencing and a new gateway around E1 car park.

Vehicles will be managed via temporary traffic lights.

We anticipate the works will take 3 days to complete.

Please see the plan for further location details: Car Park Traffic Control w/c 31/7/17

Update 25/07/2017 - Ground Investigations

Ground Investigations will be taking place at locations on and around Central Drive (please see plan), this is along the indicative route of the new CSL Energy Centre heating pipes.

Work areas will be cordoned off with barriers in each location, however, the drilling rig will create some noise for short periods at each point.

Works are anticipated to start Tuesday 25th July 2017 and will be completed on Wednesday 26th July 2017.


Bore hole locations

Update 19/07/2017 - Gas Main Improvement Works

As part of our ongoing program of infrastructure works, North Staff Pipe Services will be undertaking a number of trial hole digs in the vicinity of the Chancellor's Building.

The works will commence on Monday 24th July 2017 and the precise locations can be seen on the plan. We anticipate that the works will take approximately 3 days to complete.

There will be some localised disruption to pedestrian routes but alternative diversion pathways and signage will be in place.

May we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Should you have any queries about these projects please contact the Estates Help Desk on ext: 33137 or e-mail

Gas Main Improvement Works Trial Hole Locations

Update 19/07/2017 - Central Science Laboratories (CSL)

states and Development are pleased to inform you that following a significant design stage, extensive Stakeholder Engagement, detailed tender process and significant investment from the University the construction phase of the new Central Science Laboratories (CSL) is set to commence imminently on July 31st 2017.

As a result of the works starting, there will be a notable reduction of car parking spaces available between the Lennard Jones building, Jack Ashley and the Media building in order to facilitate CSL and the contractor's site welfare units

To communicate the constraints that will be encountered and how the site compound will look we have arranged a consultation day for nominated representatives to attend and meet project representatives.

The consultation is taking place within Lennard Jones within room LJ1:01 on Monday, July from 9am until 4pm

Please see the plan that details the constraints of the project: ‌CSL - Site Constraints Layout

Update 14/07/2017 - Student Accommodation Expansion and Enhancement

1. A new temporary footpath will be formed opposite Horwood car park to divert pedestrians from the construction site and enable a new vehicle entrance to be formed. The existing footpath will be closed towards the end of w/c 17th July.

2. A new temporary footpath is currently being installed just behind blocks T-Y at Horwood leading to Observatory Walk. Part of the existing path has been diverted between the Z blocks until the new path is ready next week. We have attached a plan to help you out

3. Please be aware that due to the large amount of earth being removed from the various work sites in Horwood there are high levels of dumper truck traffic around the Hall and going up to the development plots. Road cleaning is being undertaken at regular intervals weather permitting.

4. Work continues to form a contractor car park on Plot 4. Work to level Plot 7 for the new university car park has also commenced


Take a look at the Horwood footpath diversions map.

Update 05/07/2017 - Relining road markings

Timescale: Week Commencing 17th July 2017 – lasting approximately 2 weeks

Locations: Access roads and main ring road and junctions including...
University Drive
Barnes Hall Road
The Covert
Keele Hall Road
Keele Drive

Traffic will be managed with Stop / Go boards & temporary coned off areas
All works will be undertaken to avoid peak traffic movement times

Contractor: H & G Ash Ltd

Update 05/07/2017 - Campus road works

On the week commencing 17th July 2017, lasting approximately 1 week, there will be Road surface & road drainage gully repairs taking place in the following locations:

University Drive – near to Barnes Development Site
The Covert – near to Colin Reeves Building
Keele Hall Drive – near to Lindsay Court

Traffic will be managed with Stop / Go boards or temporary traffic lights. All works will be undertaken to avoid peak traffic movement times. The contractor for this work will be Roy Beech Ltd.

Other works:
The road plates across Keele Hall Road will be removed over the weekend and the road and pavement reinstated.
From next week a temporary footpath will be formed adjacent SU to take pedestrians away from the construction site. This will enable the contractors to safely form a new vehicle access.
The temporary traffic lights on Horwood Hall Avenue will be removed over the weekend and the road surface reinstated.

Update 05/07/2017 - Consultation's regarding Horwood Energy Center Improvements

Estates and Development are currently developing a scheme involving the extension of the existing Horwood Energy Center. This is to both improve the efficiency of the existing equipment and provide additional capacity within the building as a whole to allow for the future development of energy improvement schemes across campus, such as the SEND project.

The proposals include significant work to install new "below ground" heating pipework from the Horwood Energy Centre, past the library, up central drive and eventually connecting into the pipework alterations being carried out as a result of the new Central Science Laboratories (CSL) project. Please see the attached diagram for the proposed route

The proposal also includes upgrading the existing water supply pipework within Central Drive at the same time to avoid the need to carry out similar works on a separate occasion.

To understand the requirements of all who may be affected by these works, and how any disturbance can be mitigated as far as reasonably possible, we have arranged a number of consultation days for nominated representatives to attend and meet the project team. This is an opportunity for the project to be discussed in more detail and agree the most proactive way forward.

The consultations are taking place within the Keele Management Centre (KMC) Town Room on the following dates:

Friday 7th July 2017
Wednesday 12th July 2017
Friday 14th July 2017

Proposed District heating route (map)

Update 15/06/2017 - Student Accommodation Enhancement & Expansion

The next few weeks will be busy with a lot of enabling works on the E1 car park, the Z sheds, between Horwood M, the staff flats, Horwood bar and the Hubble in preparation for the main construction works.

• There will be trenching between the Z sheds to divert fibre cable runs. This should have no effect on residents of these buildings

• The pedestrian path between the Hubble and Horwood bar will be closed off from Monday 19th June. Pedestrians will be diverted down the path adjacent House 99 to access the road. The buildings will be gutted and demolition will begin in earnest on Monday 26th June.

• The pedestrian path between Horwood Block M to the roadway will also be closed due to trenching works for service diversions which will take approximately two weeks. To facilitate the trenching there will be temporary traffic management in place providing controlled two-way traffic.

•  The water diversion works continue through the week on the E1 car park. There will also be a lot of earth-moving on the north bank of the car park as the contractor starts to form the area in readiness for foundations of the first buildings. The contractor will commence the removal of trees, which have previously been netted to prevent nesting birds and has been agreed as part of the planning consent.


Update 15/06/2017 - Science Learning Centre Car Park

Work will commence on 19th June to excavate the car park indicated in RED on the map which is outside the Science Learning Centre. It is planned that the car park will be excavated, pipes installed, excavation backfilled and car park reinstated by 23rd June.

During the 3rd - 7th July a small excavation will take place outside of the Dorothy Hodgkin entrance to make connections onto the existing gas main.

Map for update 15062017

Update 15/06/2017 - Colin Reeves Car Park C5

Work is planned to commence on 26th June to excavate the car park indicated in Orange on the attached sketch which will impact on the far end of the car park only (hardcore surface). It is planned that this car park should be reinstated by 30th June.

Update 150617 Colin Reeves Car Park

Update 08/06/2017 - Permit holders

Permit holders

Students displaying a ‘Horwood’ permit will be allowed to park on any other student or staff permit car park. All other student permit holders will be able to continue to park in their designated car park area only (no change).

Staff permit holders will be allowed to park in any available spaces on any staff or student permit holder car park.

Please Note: permits should continue to be displayed in windscreens as normal. This permission does NOT extend to parking in Pay and Display bays, in spaces designated for disabled people, hatched areas, in business/visitor spaces on Science Park car parks, or on campus roadways, pavements or verges, where breaches will continue to be enforced

Update 08/06/2017 - Water main replacement work

The work is programmed to start on 19th June 2017 and will be completed by 7th July 2017. The work programme will cause some restricted parking in the area adjacent to the Science Learning Centre and at car park C5 adjacent to the Colin Reeves Building.

The main contractor will be North Staffs Pipe Services. Any concerns or queries regarding the project should be directed to David Alcock - Principal Mechanical Engineer Estates or Paul Richards - Senior Operations Manager Estates on 01782 733001 or

 View the Water Mains replacement map 08062017

Update 02/06/2017 - E1 student car park

The E1 student car park (by the side of Darwin) will close permanently on Monday, June 12th. The footpath along the side of the car park through to the IC buildings closed on May 30th and will remain so for fifteen months – a diversion is in place via the lower IC1 car park through to the road.

Update 02/06/2017 - Huxley & Lennard Jones Works

Work on the Lennard Jones and Huxley buildings will be taking place over the summer 2017. Find out more and view a site plan with further details.

Update 26/05/2017 - Water Replacement Works

Commencing 1st July for approximately 4-5 weeks Estates and Development will be beginning the installation of a new water main across central campus. This is part of an ongoing program of water main replacement work aimed at reducing water loss across site and providing a more robust water main infrastructure.