CAEP has Superb Supervision Sewn Up!

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Posted on 16 June 2017

For three years running, CAEP staff have won the Keele Students Union 'Student-Led Teaching Award' for Superb Supervisor.

Keele SU's Student Led Teaching Awards offer an opportunity for students to recognise teaching excellence at Keele. This may be someone who provides outstanding support, who inspires, challenges or lends a helping hand to Keele students.  The 'Superb Supervisor' award is for exceptional supervision of research students at either undergraduate or postgraduate levels.  For the past three years, CAEP faculty have won this award: Prof Paul Horrocks in 2015 and 2016, and Dr Catherine Merrick in 2017, with Dr Helen Price also being nominated for the same award.  Clearly, highly active research labs at Keele can be hotbeds for excellence in teaching as well!