Research Seminars in the School of Life Sciences Starting This Week

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Posted on 30 September 2015

With the start of the new semester, three exciting research seminar series recommence in the school.

The seminar series for the Centre for Applied Entomology and Parasitology (CAEP) occurs on Thursdays, 1pm to 2pm in the Huxley Building room 005.  

The seminar series for Cell and Molecular Medicine (CMM) occurs on Wednesdays, 1pm to 2pm in the Huxley Building room 005.   

Finally, the seminar series for Neuroscience, 'Brains for Breakfast' is held in the Huxley Building room 003 on Wednesdays 9-10 am.

Seminars are advertised via posters around the Huxley building and the upcoming schedules are posted online within each semester.  All are welcome to attend, including undergraduate students.  Timetables are found here:

CAEP Seminars

CMM Seminars

Brains for Breakfast