Keele's malaria research represented at MAM 2016 in Australia

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Posted on 01 March 2016

Keele's malaria research was represented at the 'Molecular Approaches to Malaria' conference in Australia.

The prestigious MAM conference occurs once every 4 years in Lorne, Australia.  This year, Dr Catherine Merrick was selected to speak about her laboratory's work on G-quadruplex DNA structures in malaria parasites.  In addition, Keele alumnus Gavin Rutledge spoke about his PhD work on malaria parasite genomics, which he is currently completing at the Sanger Institute in Cambridge.  Gavin completed his undergraduate degree in Biology and Engish at Keele, where he studied Human Parasitology among his final-year modules.  He then went on to a Masters degree at Imperial College London, and now a PhD.  Gavin was awarded one of the conference prizes for the best talks given by junior researchers.