Malaria talks as part of British Science Week

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Posted on 23 March 2015

  As part of British Science Week, Professor Paul Horrocks, of the School of Medicine, presented a series of talks entitled   "Malaria - a devastating global disease" to secondary and primary school children in East Cheshire.

  Paul, who is pictured working with primary school pupils, has worked closely over the last four years with SetUp Science, a Rotary Club educational charity, not only to provide talks but also to highlight science co-ordinator training opportunities through Keele University's Science Learning Centre.

  This year, as well as a presentation on the socioeconomic and health impact of malaria, the secondary school students had the opportunity to microscopically "diagnose" malaria and to sex a cage of mosquitoes using only a cup of tea. The primary school children had an even more interesting task:- creating their own "bug", using craft materials sourced through the University of Glasgow's "Crafty Critters" scheme.