Crafty Critters Come to Keele

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Posted on 24 October 2014

This week’s CAEP seminar featured Robyn Kent, a Keele alumnus and current PhD student at Glasgow, who spoke to us about ‘Public engagement: From funding to feedback, the Crafty Critters story.’

Robyn and her colleagues at Glasgow conceived, created and grant-funded this highly successful public engagement activity, which has been presented to hundreds of children and adults at science fairs, schools, craft groups and scout camps, culminating in an exhibition of critters at the Huntarian Museum.  The project involves members of the public creating felt or crochet models of various human pathogens, using kits and patterns provided.  It offers a route to learning more about the parasites and bacteria themselves, and a way of making science and scientists fun and approachable.  Robyn gave us a wealth of useful tips about running successful public engagement events.

The picture below shows Robyn with Dr Catherine Merrick, coordinator of the seminar series, and a selection of critters!  Read more about the Crafty Critters project here.