CAEP visit to Brazil

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Posted on 15 October 2019

In September Dr. Tripet and Dr. Forrester-Soto visited FAPESP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. FAPESP is the Scientific funding arm for the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Keele University has a well-established collaboration with FAPESP which has led to several successful partnerships. As part of this visit, Dr. Tripet and Dr. Forrester-Soto discussed deepening the ties with FAPESP and how Keele University could facilitate increased collaborative research. As a result of this visit, Keele University is pursuing deeper links with Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), and this will allow us to pursue new avenues for collaboration and increase our links with colleagues in Brazil. Pursuing deeper ties with UNESP and other universities in Sao Paulo will strategically place Keele and particularly CAEP researchers with the potential for undertaking cutting edge research.