Keele Malaria Biologists at the British Society for Parasitology Annual Meeting

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Posted on 01 May 2013

Keele Life Sciences was well-represented at this year’s annual spring meeting of the BSP in Bristol.

Dr Catherine Merrick (Lecturer in Biology) organised 4 sessions at the meeting focussing on malaria, and Drs Merrick and Tripet (Reader in Molecular Biology of Insect Vectors of Diseases) also chaired sessions on ‘Malaria: Molecular Biology and Genomics’ and ‘Malaria: Control Strategies’ respectively. 

Talks were given by Dr Paul Horrocks (Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology) and by PhD students Nahla Alhafez and Esther Ekechukwu, both from the Tripet lab.  Hamzah Mohd Nasir from Dr Chakravorty’s lab presented a poster.

The meeting was attended by over 300 parasitologists from the UK and abroad, allowing the community to share scientific ideas and participate in networking.