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Brief description of the project:

Curtailment of residential energy use is one of the goals of the smart meter rollout, where improving energy feedback to consumers is intended to provide incentive for behaviour change. As consumers make use of heuristic strategies for understanding their energy consumption and estimating demand per device is difficult, simply providing energy feedback does not result in the behaviour changes intended.

The aim of this project is to make use of modern visualisation technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, to present energy feedback in a manner that evokes an emotional response while also providing additional information to consumers. This will not only provide consumers with additional context to make conscious decisions on their energy use but also provide additional emotive incentives for habitual change.

This project will examine the usability of these visualisation technologies to achieve these goals, investigate the best methods to evaluate the visualisations developed to ensure their effectiveness with consumers, and explore techniques for delivering high performance visualisations to consumers without the need for new devices.

Student:   David Fredericks

Supervisor:   Professor Zhong Fan; Dr Sandra Woolley (co-supervisor)