Internships for larger organisations

Would you like access to a talented pool of enthusiastic students and graduates?

The following information relates to internships for large organisations. To find out about different internship opportunities available at Keele University, please contact us at

Keele University offer a free of charge internship service to organisations with 251 employees or more. An internship can be an excellent way to inject fresh student or graduate talent into your organisation, and is less risky than taking on permanent staff. Keele have helped hundreds of students and graduates secure an internship, and many companies have offered extended or permanent work after the internship.

If you employ 250 employees or less, please refer to our internship scheme for SMEs.

For organisations, it's a great way to bring fresh student and graduate talent to your organisation.  It's less risky than taking on permanent staff, although many companies do decide to extend employment after the internship.  For the student or graduate, it's a chance to gain some additional skills and experience.  For both of you, it's a good way to see if you are suited in the longer term.  The internship model is often used by companies with one-off, fixed term projects.

Internships through Keele University are paid (we do not support unpaid work), we can offer salary advice if required.

The internship needs to be a minimum of 12 weeks long.  You can of course decide to offer an internship for longer than 12 weeks, or make the student or graduate permanent at any stage. 

Does your role suit a student or a graduate? Or Either?

Students who do internships during their studies are advised by the University to limit their working hours to one or two days per week, although they can often commit to full time working over the summer period (Mid may to Mid September).  On the other hand, our graduates, who will have completely finished their studies, will be more interested in full time work.  Keele undergraduates complete their studies around the middle of May and are then available for full time work, and our postgraduate students tend to finish their studies in September.

An internship through Keele University is an opportunity to recruit a recent graduate or current student into your organisation, usually for one of two reasons:

  • To tackle a specific one-off project requiring specific skills
  • To see if a graduate is suitable for your organisation in the longer term

Keele University have assisted businesses in a variety of sectors and a wide range of job roles. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Business/Management
  • Marketing/PR
  • Policy/Research Projects
  • Technical/IT
  • Scientific/Environmental

Please contact us with your specific requirements, we will be happy to discuss with you.


The Internship team at Keele provides a free of charge internship scheme to companies, and this includes:

  • Initial consultation with you to discuss your requirements
  • Advice on salary, length of internship, skill sets available
  • Advertising of your role on relevant media
  • Sifting and selection of graduates against your person specification/job description
  • Candidate telephone screen
  • Brief phone call on first and last day of internship

Once we have sent you the most suitable graduates, it's over to you to arrange interviews directly with the graduate.  You have the choice of which graduate to offer an internship to, and you are under no obligation to take any graduates if you don't feel they are suitable.


As we commit our resource to helping you find suitable graduates, we do ask you to keep us informed about interview dates and internship start dates - without this information we are unable to monitor the success of the scheme.

At the end of the internship (or the first 12 weeks), you will be asked to complete a short evaluation form.

Once we have sent you suitable candidates to consider for interview, it is up to you to arrange interviews directly with them.  It becomes too complicated with dates and arrangements for us to be involved.

At the start of the process, we need some basic paperwork from you, including a job description.

The student/graduate needs to work from your offices (working exclusively from home is not allowed under the scheme), and have a designated line manager/supervisor.

We would expect students/graduates to be treated in the same manner as other employees, for example company induction and specific on the job training if required.

Our advice is to offer a competitive rate of pay, commensurate with the role.  There is a scheme minimum of £8 per hour (£15,600 based on 37.5 hour week), although certain skills sets will demand a more competitive rate.  We can offer salary advice, and we like to understand the opportunities for progression in your organisation, as this is an important factor for us when we are searching for your ideal intern.  For shorter term, one-off projects it can be more acceptable to offer our scheme minimum, as students/graduates can still benefit from the experience.

Keele Internships runs all year round.  Students and graduates are looking at different times of year, and the schemes are open to both current students (if appropriate for your role) and recent graduates (those who finished their studies in the last three years).  Your role is promoted via many online channels, and also through Keele's Alumni. We do also have access to graduates from ANY University, and are able to promote your role on many online media - please let us know if you are interested in this option.

Internships through Keele need to be a minimum of 12 weeks. It will depend on your project/work and your ultimate aim with the internship.  We are happy to advise on this if required.