Sustainability Award

Sponsored by Cadent

Awarded to a business or enterprise making a difference in the environmental sphere.  This award will recognise innovative enterprises working with Keele to address environmental challenges, as well as businesses making a difference to their own practices in areas such as waste and supply chain management.


Winner of the sustainability award

The Unified Water Label

  • The Unified Water Label provides a credible, recognisable label to help consumers recognise water-saving products, its development led by the BMA - the trade body for the bathroom industry based at Keele Science Park
  • By encouraging innovative designs and smart technologies, the Unified Water Label has quickly led to a decline in registrations for high water use products and an increase in lower flow taps and showers, with scope for further impact on consumer behaviour.


  • Noreus
  • Synetica Limited
  • Grid Edge Estates
  • The Globe Foundation