Molly attends first NERC CDT training course

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Posted on 15 November 2014

Molly Watson, PhD student in BDRG and funded by the NERC CDT in oil and gas scheme, attended the centre’s launch event and the first training module titled ‘Environmental Impact & Regulation’ at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

The first training module involved over 50 key note talks from a great number of experts in the field. The talks covered a huge variety of topics from the perspectives of both the impact on the environment and how environmental legislation affects the oil and gas industry, as well as in depth talks about the legislation itself. This course involved a two day conference by the Offshore Site and Investigation Group at BGS along with a day spent at the Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry and a visit to the INEOS refinery at Grangemouth.

The next CDT training module will take place at Manchester University in March 2015 and will be on the theme of ‘Extending the life of mature basins’ – linking very well with my PhD project.