Hazel gives talk, poster and chairs at BSRG

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Posted on 30 December 2014

Full size logo Hazel Beaumont, PhD student in BDRG, gave a talk at the 53rd British Sedimentological Research Group, 2014 in Nottingham. The title of the talk was "Integrating outcrop and core studies to elucidate palaeoenvironments of subsurface successions".  The talk discussed the similarities between the outcrop and core data of the Ghaggar-Hakra Formation. Also discussed was the advantages of using outcrop datasets to help interpret subsurface successions. 

Hazel also gave a poster presentation, the title of which was "Lower Cretaceous drainage systems of the north-western India Peninsular: Insights from petrographic, SEM and palaeocurrent studies".  The poster discussed the petrographic, SEM and palaeocurrent data of the fluvial Ghaggar-Hakra Formation and how this relates to the proposed source of the fluvial system.  

She also chaired the session "Palaeoenvironmental change within the Proterozoic rock record and the application of three-dimensional modelling to sedimentary systems".