Indole Alkaloids

The tetrahydro-β-carboline moiety is a sub-structure common to hundreds of indole alkaloids natural products, including the intricate cage-like (+)-ajmaline, an anti-arrhythmic agent obtained from the roots of Rauwolfia serpentine, an evergreen shrub found in tropical regions.

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 A major synthetic problem has been accessing the cis-1,3-disubstituted derivatives required for (+)-ajmaline and related natural products, such as (−)-raumacline and (−)-suaveoline.


By a careful study of the mechanism of the Pictet-Spengler reaction, we developed the first general (and asymmetric) route to cis-1,3-disubstituted tetrahydro-β-carbolines, starting from L-tryptophan.1,2 We have found that some reagent pairings give exceptional cis-selectivity in this kinetically controlled Pictet-Spengler reaction (Scheme 1) and we have applied this to the synthesis of several natural products and analogues, including the total synthesis of (−)-suaveoline.3

Pictet Spangler
Scheme 1 - cis-selective Pictet Spengler reaction

We have developed a synthetic route to the ajmaline family of indole alkaloids which selectively introduces four of the chiral centres required for both (−)-raumacline and (+)-ajmaline through the use of a cis-selective Pictet Spengler reaction (Scheme 1), which installs the stereochemistry at C3 and a Michael reaction/lactonisation sequence (Scheme 2) which selectively installs the key stereochemistry at C15 and C16.

michael reaction  
Scheme 2 - Michael reaction / lactonisation sequence

We have applied this methodology in our total synthesis of (−)-raumacline4 and are also using it in ongoing work towards (+)-ajmaline.


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