The Self-Assessment Process

Institutional members of Athena SWAN carry out a self-assessment process in order to:

  1. assess the current state of the gender balance within the Institution as a whole, including areas of particular influence e.g. Senior University Committees;
  2. develop an action plan to address inequalities and
  3. monitor and refine the action plan to keep to the aims of addressing the Athena SWAN Charter.

In 2016, the University Athena SWAN Self-assessment Team was restructured to increase senior involvment from across the faculties and directorates, with the development of a central University Athena SWAN Steering Group (UASSG) co-chaired by the DVC and an Institutional Champion. In addition, the Group is composed of the Deans, the Academic Registrar, the Director of Human Resources, and the Faculty Champions. Three Faculty Self-Assessment Teams (one for each faculty) and a Directorates Self-Assessment Team also support the self-assessment process. The Directorates Self-Assessment Team involves Professioanl Services staff from each of the directorates and is chaired by the Academic Registrar. The Faculty Self-Assessment Teams (each representing one of the three faculties) are co-chaired by the relevant Faculty Champion and the Dean and the membership includes representation from each of the Schools, usually via the School Athena SWAN Champion.

The Schools, in turn, have Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Teams. The membership of the teams making the assessment is critical to the scheme. Membership should include a range of women and men who represent a breadth of personal and professional experiences for example those:

  • with personal experience of balancing home/caring responsibilities and work part-time, flexibly or have had career breaks
  • with different protected characteristics
  • with recent experience of the institutions/departments recruitment and or promotion processes
  • at different stages on the career ladder and particularly from those in early and mid career
  • with departmental/management responsibilities/university responsibilities for e.g. staff development or equal opportunities
  • with experience of similar exercises

If you are interested in working with an Athena SWAN self-assessment team, then please contact the Athena SWAN Support Officer.