Athena SWAN Departments

School / Research Institute Award and documentationNotes
The School of Life Sciences Silver Award: Life Sciences 2014 Submission  Next submission date: November 2017

The School of Computing and Mathematics

 Bronze award: C&M 2016 Submission  
The School of Psychology Bronze Award: Psychology 2016 Submission

Psychology Athena SWAN webpage

Previous submission can be found at: Psychology 2013 submission

The School of Physical and Geographical Sciences Bronze Award: SPGS 2015 Submission

Previous submission can be found at:

SPGS 2010 Submission

The Institute of Primary Care and Health Sciences Silver Award: IPCHS 2013 Submission  Currently working on a re-submission.

The School of Medicine and the

Institute of Science and Technology in Medicine

Bronze Award: Medicine and ISTM Submission 2013   Next submission date: April 2018

The School of Health and Rehabilitation

 Bronze Award: SHAR 2014 submission  Next submission date: April 2018

The School of Pharmacy

Applied in April 2017  

The School of Nursing and Midwifery

 Will apply in November 2017  

The School of Humanities

 Bronze award: ‌Humanities 2014 Submission

 Awarded under the GEM trial.

 Next submission date: November 2017.

School of Law

Applied April 2017


School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and the Environment

To apply April 2018


The applications for these awards are available for use by all in order to promote good practice at Keele and elsewhere.

All STEMM Keele Schools / Institutes have either obtained an Athena SWAN award or are in the process of applying for an award. Future departmental level work will now focus on engaging more of the Schools from the Faculty of Humanities.