Professor Carolyn Roberts - I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas (and New Year!)

17 January 2018 6.00 - 7.00pm Keele Hall - The Salvin Room
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Christmas comes but once a year, so "Deck the halls with advertising, fa la la la lah, la la la lah....'Tis the time for merchandising...", as the inimitable songster Tom Lehrer sang, way back. "Angels we have heard on high, Tell us to go out and buy"...

Is Christmas just a damaging seasonal celebration of rampant consumerism, or could innovations of various sorts inspire us towards a 'greener' and lower impact way of life? Alternatively, will Santa's sleigh inevitably become obsolete as global warming escalates, and the icy wastes evolve into a new Green Land? And why is the West currently sending an alleged 9,100 tonnes of discarded Christmas lights to China for reprocessing, every year?

Informed by audience participation, and a touch of humour, Professor Carolyn Roberts in the first Keele Green Christmas Lecture will reflect on the nature of technological and societal innovation, and consider whether universities might be able to help avert a nightmare of environmental catastrophes and climate chaos.


Refreshments will be available in the Great Hall, adjacent to the Salvin Room from 5.30pm onwards.

This lecture is free and all are welcome to attend.

For Further Details Contact

Steve Kilner or Jo Flynn: 01782 734449 / 734434

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