Arts & Health Group

Welcome to the Arts & Health Group.  We are a group of academics at Keele University and neighbouring institutions who are committed to promoting a range of research and teaching initiatives in the broad area of arts & health.  We meet on a regular basis to discuss common issues and provide support to members who are developing particular initiatives.  Membership is open and meetings are informal.


Susan Bruce (English)

Barbara Kelly (Music)

Alex Lamont (Psychology)

Mandy McAteer (Media, Communications & Culture)

Sue Molesworth (University Hospital)

Michael Murray (Psychology)

Michelle Rickett (Gerontology)

Alannah Tompkins (History)


Members of the group are involved in a range of research projects.  This is a selection of these projects.

NDA CALL-ME Project:   Promoting independence and social activity among older people is disadvantaged neighbourhoods.  This involves a variety of studies including one involving community arts.

NDA Ages & Stages Project:  The Place of Theatre in Representations and Recollections of Ageing.  This is a collaborative project with the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme.


Shanta Aphale