Himalayan Tree Cotoneaster  Cotoneaster frigidus

Origin: a native of the Himalaya, introduced in 1824. It is frequently planted in parks and large gardens.

Tree Cotoneaster - tree   Tree Cotoneaster - flower  

Tree: it usually has a short trunk or can have many stems. The branches arch outwards to produce a broad-topped crown.

Leaf: the semi-evergreen leaf is broad and elliptical, glossy green above and whitish beneath. The edges of the leaf are sometimes wavy.

The flowers are white to creamy-white in dense bunches and these produce bunches of red berries in late autumn.

A number of varieties have been produced by crossing with other species of cotoneaster.

At Keele : there are a number of trees; several on the bank behind the library; a large tree (above) by Horwood G-block, compartment 62E, square O8; two trees by Horwood H and J blocks, compartment 62Q, square P8.

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