Serbian Spruce   Picea omorika

Serbian Spruce Origin: It is a native of a small area of Yugoslavia and was introduced to Britain in 1889. Because of its pleasing shape and resistance to pollution it is frequently planted in parks and gardens. It is happy on alkaline or acid soils.


The bark is orangey-brown and can resemble Scots Pine in this respect. It is distinctively spire-shaped with the lower branches arching gracefully.

Serbian Spruce leaf

The leaves are broad, flattened and blunt with those on the upper side of the shoot curving upwards and those on the sides radiating outwards. The leaves are pale green at first becoming darker with age.

At first glance, this arrangement of needles might suggest a Fir (Abies) but in this case the cones hang down whereas on a Fir they sit on top of the branch.

At Keele : there just one by the football courts; square I2; compartment 56D; tag 2348.

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