Maidenhair Tree  Ginkgo biloba

Origin: It was first found by Europeans in Japan, though it is a native of China. It first arrived in Britain in the mid 18th century and the first tree still survives today at Kew. Ginkgos are very primitive trees, being the dominant tree some 200 million years ago - before the conifers and broadleaves appeared. They are more frequent in parks and gardens in southern Britain as they prefers warmer conditions.

Maidenhair Tree summer leaf Maidenhair Tree autumn leaf

The leaves, which are unique, emerge bright green in April/May, becoming dark green, fan-like and rather leathery in texture before turning bright yellow in the autumn.

The trees are either male or female but, only a few older trees flower; and they are mainly males. Growth can be very slow.

At Keele : We have one newly-planted tree outside the Moser Building (compartment 34a, square L8).

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