Memorial Trees

Blod Colquhoun (Daniels) 1975

A Cork Oak planted on 30th September 2010 in her memory in front of the Walter Moberly Hall.

Blod Colquhoun planting ceremony  

Betty Albon writes:
It was a big gathering, including Blod’s past flatmates from Barnes Hall & friends made in her Foundation Year at Hawthorns. All Blod’s children were also there, as well as Blod’s very close friend from her home in the Wirral. The photo includes us all.  The only flatmate that couldn’t attend the planting was Denise Illing (née Peach), who lives in Australia. She has since been over to visit the cork oak.

From L to R : Ruth Benson, Bronwen Colquhoun, Rebecca Colquhoun, Debbie Williams, Sue Swinhoe (née Rowe), Ewen Colquhoun, Duncan Colquhoun, Betty & David Albon.

The spot chosen for the tree is absolutely perfect.  We uncorked a bottle of champagne on the lawn very close to this spot, after we’d finished our finals. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time at Keele and it is a tribute to Blod’s infectious and generous character  that she will always be remembered there.

Plaque    Blod Colquhoun tree