Trees planted in memoriam

Rachel Parker

Keele 1974; died 2007

An Atlantic Cedar Cedrus atlantica, planted by friends in her memory in February 2008 alongside Lake 1. 

Rachel Parker planting

Rachel Parker ceremony

The Atlantic Cedar, with Pauline Lowrie (Temple, 1974), Paul Carter (1974), Pauline's daughter Emily, Annette Strauss (Macey, 1974), Sarah Davnall (Norman, 1970), Anne Tomlinson (Breeze, 1974), Pam Carter (Clutton, 1974), Anne's husband Dave, Susan Gilbert (1974), Ruth Tillyard (1974), Rachel's daughter Ruth, Fr. Anthony Hirst (1973), Ann Hirst (Hawkins, 1974) and John Davnall (1971).

A plaque reads "For Rachel Parker, Keele 1974, died 2007. From her undergraduate friends."

Rachel Parker plaque