Trees planted in memoriam

Mr John Ivinson

Student 1963-67

ivinson trees

John Ivinson plaque 80 varieties of Flowering Cherry have been planted at sites around the campus. These have been funded by Keele Alumni in his memory.

They include Ms Rosemary Billings, Professor Roger Buckley, Mr Michael Corby, Mr Ian Cutler, Dr Jack Emery, Ann Felsky, Mr John MacArthur, Mr Terry Oliver, Ms Philippa Paquett, Mr Bob Riddett, Mr Ian Taylor MP and Sir John Vereker.

The photographs above show some of the locations for the cherries including the sportsfield where the trees are planted along the perimeter wall.

These trees, together with those purchased earlier and with another 40 being grown at a nursery, will give Keele a collection of national importance. Many of the varieties are rare and cannot be seen elsewhere.