Trees planted in memoriam

Helena Thorley (1966-2011)

Helena Thorley

Family, friends and colleagues gathered  for a tree planting ceremony in memory of Helena Thorley, who was our Academic Registrar and worked right across the institution.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost, Rama Thirunamachandran, said Helena, who died suddenly, had been a fantastic person, colleague and friend of all who had known her during her time at Keele.

Dr Peter Thomas, said the tree, an Acer griseum, Paperbark Maple, planted close to the Tawney Building, was a fitting tribute to Helena since it is native to central China, and planted throughout the Far East. This reflected Helena’s active involvement in building links and recruiting students in that part of the world.

He added: "One description of this tree is ‘a rarity, much sought after for its outstanding qualities’, and if that doesn’t describe Helena’s role at the University, I don’t know what does."

Helena Thorley plaque