Species and varieties in the National Collection of Flowering Cherries at

Keele University

Prunus 'Matsumae-usugasanesomei'

(Sato-zakura Group)

Prunus 'Matsumae-usagasanesomei'

Prunus 'Matsumae-usagasanesomei' Grown in the Asari-cherry Garden and the Matsumae Cherry Tree Collection Garden. cv. Somei-yoshino x P. serrulata cultivars.

Raised by Mr Masatoshi Asari in 1966.

Late flowering semi-double incurved flowers pink or light pink c. 1” dia.

[Manual of Japanese Flowering Cherries No. 109]


  • One in the Memorial Garden; square K11; tag 4211. Planted 2012.