Welcome to American Studies at Keele

Keele pioneered the development of American Studies in Great Britain as an Honours degree subject, and we have gone on to earn an outstanding national and international reputation. American Studies at Keele is consistently ranked among the top programmes in the UK’s published guides.

We offer a wide range of teaching in American literature, history, politics, geography and popular culture, including film, and in many ways this reflects the core of Keele's educational philosophy – that areas of knowledge are interdependent and that different disciplines illuminate each other. Staff in American Studies also contribute to the highly successful Single Honours English and American Literatures programme.

After an introduction to contemporary American society, Dual Honours students choose a module in literature, politics, or history. This pattern is repeated in the second and third years. For students wanting to specialize in literature, our English and American Literatures programme offers an outstanding course of study. In all programmes, we also focus on skill development, helping to equip students for further academic study and for the world of work.

In American Studies we place a high priority on pastoral care, and offer a supportive environment as well as a challenging academic experience.

And so, on behalf of my colleagues in American Studies, I invite you to consider our different programmes. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or better still, visit us on campus. We’ll be delighted to see or hear from you.

Dr Jonathon Shears, Director of Programmes.