Harriet Earle - English and American Literatures student (2010)

I am a third year EALs (that’s English and American Literature) student. As this is a small course, with a lot of time spent with the same group of people, you get to know everyone on it very quickly. Because of the size of the course there are less students per tutor – so more interaction with the members of staffs and a good student-tutor relationship. The modules become increasingly diverse as you progress through the course, allowing you to narrow down areas of interest, and lots of flexibility – plenty of optional modules and only a few that are compulsory.

The first few weeks will seem daunting but fear not! In my experience, and as ‘uncool’ as this may sound, it really helps to read at least a few of the reading list books before the start of the semester. There is nothing worse than having to skim read a whole novel the night before a tutorial on it. If you’ve already read it once, rereading is nowhere near so much of a chore! Make the most of the first few weeks – ask questions and get stuck in.

Finally, there is the wonderful KEAL Soc (Keele English and American Literature Society). We’ll be bombarding you with invites to join in the first few weeks of the semester.