Cat Burton-Cartledge - American Studies student (2010)

When I started my American Studies degree I was told that the department was proud of its commitment to pastoral care, and during my three years at Keele the support that’s been offered has been brilliant.

Despite being a mature student living off campus, I always felt involved in student life. I served on the American Studies SSLC (Staff and Students Liaison Committee) throughout my degree, and that experience proved how close the relationship is between students’ views and the rest of the department. Our feedback on issues ranging from module content and library resources to student voluntary work and staff-student socials (because it’s not all about work) was taken on board, and together we worked to implement changes that helped all students, like extending resource centre opening hours.

The lecturers have been approachable and incredibly supportive. Their office hours were useful for any queries about assignments, the modules or any problems, and they always made time for a chat outside of office hours too – something that makes you feel like a part of the department and not just a pesky student! There were always opportunities to get more involved, and the lecturers always encouraged student engagement, inside and outside the seminar room (which sometimes included biscuits, and occasionally even beer!).

I can definitely say that my fantastic undergraduate experience in the American Studies department was a major factor in my decision to stay on at Keele while studying for a Masters degree, and I’m positive anyone coming to Keele will have a fantastic time.