Alison Leese - American Studies student (2012)

Alison Leese, age 29. Student of American Studies and History

My time as a student of American Studies at Keele University has been extremely enjoyable. As a mature student going into university it can be quite daunting, however the staff and the students within this department have all been supportive, friendly and approachable.

As a subject, with its cross curricular programme of study, American Studies at Keele University allowed me to experience a variety of different approaches including literature, film, politics, music and history, in viewing and understanding American culture. Yet the programme has also allowed me the freedom to be able to choose and focus upon the particular area I was most interested in pursuing, which was American history. The module choices available and staff who have taught me American history have all been amazing, and I will always feel a lot of gratitude to them for all I have been able to achieve as one of their students.

Overall, being an American Studies student at Keele has been a really rewarding experience, and I am going to miss being there!